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How did people react to the Vietnam War?

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Peter Jackson

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of How did people react to the Vietnam War?

How did people react to the Vietnam War? The silent majority Protests across America
E.g. John Lennon
(Give Peace a Chance) Vietnam Veterans
Vietnam veterans march
Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW)
1971 Student protests
Kent State Shootings Opinion polls
Gallup Opinion polls show that 46% of Americans approved of President Johnson's handling of war in 1968. 1972 - President Nixon was re-elected as President - people approved of his handling of the war!
He had invaded Cambodia and Laos and 'escalated the conflict' - but had a plan to pull American troops out of Vietnam Turning points in public opinion:
First televised war
Tet Offensive "I though we were winning this war" - Cronkite
My Lai massacre
Deaths and injuries of USA soldiers Civil rights movement -
People opposed the 'draft' introduced in 1965.
Boxed Muhammad Ali refused to fight.
People burned their draft cards Many ordinary families turned against the war
when their children were 'drafted' and they
heard about deaths and injuries due to guerrilla tactics
58,000 USA soldiers killed in Vietnam War key point:
reactions to the war were varied
and changed through time.
many support and many protest -
and all for different reasons!
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