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Regal Collision Center

No description

clay surrency

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Regal Collision Center

Double click anywhere & add an idea My Mentor: Cherri Surrency the purpose of this is to fix cars when they get into a crash or has something wrong with it this is where they would take it because this is the only way you can get it fixed and have a new paint job put on it. The skills that you need for this job are. You need to know how do do invoices and know good math or you wont be able to do this part of the job. you also need to know when to order the parts and wehere to put them. the company will be doing good still but will have way beter cars in 15 years and probaly have more tehnoogy to use where they can get done alot quicker than they do now. the employability skill needed are they have to dress in uniform sometimes and they have to follow the bosses instruction or they will get in trouble like we do when we dont listen I really dont know the average salary to this job because i didnt ask but i would say around 61,000 dollars at the most which is ok for a manager. The technology used in this job i very good cause they have to se it to paint cars and use it to put details on them and they have to do lots on invoices so technoligy is a very big thing for this job.
i probaly wouldnt pursue a career with this company because i think its to much work and i wouldnt like to do any of this because it has math related things in it which i am not good at. what i like best about this job is the painting part where they paint the cars if they get in a crash or just need a new paint job it is a really cool thing to see when you go there to shadow someone what i disliked about this job is that you really dont do much as the manager so its not that fun but sometimes you do get to drive the new cars but the only thing i dont like is you have to sit at the computer all day.
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