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Democratic-Republican Political Party

Jefferson's political party

bailey crapps

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Democratic-Republican Political Party

Jefferson's Democratic
Republican Political
Party The first political parties evolved in the 1790s when George Washington was President of the United States, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were the two founders of these two political parties. Hamilton and formed the Federalists, while the Democratic-Republican party was formed by Jefferson. Jefferson was the Secretary of State in Washington's Cabinet and strongly disagreed with most of Hamilton's, Secretary of Treasury, ideas and plans for the new nation. Structure in Government Jefferson's followers consisted mainly of frontier settlers, small farmers, artisans, and shopkeepers. Their ideas were most prominent in the South, on the frontier, and the Southwest. Economy Jefferson and his followers desired a more democratic government, strong state governments and weak central governments with less federal employees. They had a strict Constitutional interpretation and laws should be present to secure individual liberties. Jefferson and his followers believed that agriculture should be the backbone of the economy, internal taxes and national debt should be eliminated, a national bank should not be established, and the government should not receive aid in trade, manufacturing, or financial matters. Leaders in Government Jeffersonians were skeptical of special privilege in government because of the their rooted confidence in common people and in particular, farmers. They also believed that the qualifications for voting should be lowered so that the public and common people could have a say in the government and not just white males with property. This strongly contrasted the ideas of the Hamiltonians;they believed only the wealthy and educated should have any part in government. Hamilton's contrasting ideas wanted a strong central government that would be modeled after British government with more federal employees. He had a loose Constitutional interpretation and thought individual liberties should sometimes be restricted. The Hamiltonians ideas, of course, contradicted these ideas. They believed a national bank should be established, the government should receive aid, the national debt should be used to establish credit, the internal taxes should be maintained, and the economy should be a balance of trade, finance, manufacturing, and agriculture. By: Bailey Crapps Foreign Policy Jefferson believed that America was obligated to assist the French during the French Revolution because of the treaties made during the (American) Revolutionary War and Jefferson's deep ties with the French. Hamilton and his followers disagreed and favored assisting Britain. They believed that they needed to gain a better relationship with their original, extremely powerful mother country. Thomas Jefferson Bibliography Divine, R. A., Divine, F., & et al, F. (2004). America
past and present. (7th ed. ed.). Pearson. The Democratic Republicans were angry with the results of Jay's Treaty because they were too generous towards the British. The XYZ Affair caused many Republicans see more weakness in the Federalist party. The original view point on the Louisiana Purchase was that the government should not have that type of authority, but things changed when they found out how great of a bargain it was. Republican Party Views The Republican Democratic party dissolved around the mid 1820s when new political parties emerged to replace it. Three Republicans became President of the United States- Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Maddison. Final Facts (n.d.). Retrieved from

(n.d.). Received from
http://www.shmoop.com/political-parties/the-first-party-system.html (n.d.). Retrieved from
http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Democratic-Republican+Party Alexander Hamilton George Washington, the first President of the United States One of Jefferson's many view on government issues.
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