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Waverly Hills Sanatorium

No description

Jessica Elkins

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium History The Legend Playtime There have been multiple reports of a ball rolling down a hallway, as if a child were trying to play. There have been numerous reports of shadowy figures walking through walls, doors slamming, and silhouettes in windows. Room 502 Where the head nurse,
who was pregnant and unmarried, hung herself
in 1928 In 1932, another nurse
fell to her death from Room 502. It is unknown whether it was suicide or she was pushed. "The Death Chute" A 500 foot long tunnel under the main building, used to transport bodies during the height of the
TB epidemic. Tuberculosis
Hospital Final Resting Place It is estimated that over
8, 200 died in Waverly Hills over the course of 50 years. Woodhaven
Geriatric Center Converted in 1962,to a nursing home where patients suffered horrible conditions and treatment, and were the test subjects of harmful experiments. Opened October 17,1926
to house hundreds of
TB patients. continued... Tuberculosis Traps mucus layers in the airways of the throat, mouth, and nose. Bacteria clumps with white blood cells, destroying lung tissue and causing the victim to cough up blood. (World Book) "The Death Chute" Hauntings A man in a long white
coat is said to have been
seen roaming the kitchen accompanied by the smell
of cooking food. The fourth floor is said to be
the most haunted of the five
floors. It is where the
most sightings have
occurred. The Fourth Floor
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