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Compare and Contrast Lesson

No description

Kate Marvel

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast Lesson

What do we know? Compare and Contrast hmm...
(hint: vocabulary word!) What do we call a
drawing that helps to
explain something? What diagram are
we working with? Diagram Why do we use this diagram? Venn Diagram To help us explain
when we... When we

we tell how things are alike COMPARE CONTRAST Both cats and dogs
can be pets. When we

we tell how things are DIFFERENT Cats differ from dogs because they meow, not bark. Topic: Dogs Topic: Cats 1. bark 1. meow 1. good pets 2. have four legs 2. walk on a
leash 2. do not walk on a leash 3. furry 3. Do tricks 3. Like to climb trees Are you ready
to try? Alligators and Crocodiles Alligators and crocodiles are both reptiles. They look like big lizards. Crocodiles have a brown or greenish color. Alligators differ because they are dark grey or black. Crocodiles have long, pointed snouts. The snout of an alligator is wide and rounded. Crocodiles are also more active than alligators. When a crocodile has its mouth closed, you can see some of its teeth. You cannot see an alligator’s teeth when its mouth is closed. Both of these reptiles live in wet swampy areas and along rivers. These reptiles both stay underwater for up to two hours! Compare Signal Words Contrast alike different similar both unlike differ same CONTRAST CONTRAST COMPARE
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