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The Worst Day

The day we found out my dad has cancer.

Gail Larkin

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Worst Day

My Father's Health Routine Hernia Surgery July 2, 2008 Elective Hernia Surgery It was optional! He didn't even have to do it, but he chose to, just to make sure everything was taken care of. Hours and Hours later... My mother and I decided to hang out downtown in Baltimore while we waited for the surgery to finish. Boredom! I remember buying these super cheap and awesome shoes. This is what a typical hernia looks like. Not too bad, right? My father lost over 60 pounds due to diet and exercise during the year of 2008. I don't remember him even getting any colds!
Seriously, the healthiest guy ever. The doctor approaches us, looking somber. My heart started racing. "We found something we didn't expect. Five liters of lymphatic fluid in his abdomen, and a tumor the size of a small melon on his small intestine." "I'm sorry, but it's cancer." I've never been so speechless in my life. Wait.... what? Thank goodness for... Amazing doctors... Amazing nurses... And most of all, my parents' amazing relationship. He survived. To Thanksgiving... To Christmas... In fact, he just kept on surviving! He went through chemo. He didn't lose any hair. In fact, he grew a beard. Him being a Union Officer, of course. The worst symptom of chemo my father experienced was a runny nose and the occasional chills. He's a real soldier, definitely. And totally my hero.
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