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How to Create a Voice-Over Prezi:

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Sara Arnett

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of How to Create a Voice-Over Prezi:

How to Create a Voice-Over Prezi:
For the Music Classroom

Step 4:
Insert images to better engaged student learning!
Do so by clicking on the drop down box "insert" at the top center of the page. Click Insert image and select from the files on your computer.

Drag and re-size your image into the location of your liking!
Step 5:
Insert a music excerpt or video from youtube!
Click "Insert" drop down tab at the top of the page. Select Youtube video.

Simply copy and paste the link to the video you would like to insert!
Step 1:
Visit prezi.com. Create an account if you do not already have one.

Step 2:
Click "+New Prezi" and select a template!

Step 3:
Input the information with the given text boxes and templates!
Why do I need to know this?

Have you ever been absent from your "special area" classroom and were forced to leave worksheets in lack of other options?
I am here to provide you with an opportunity to leave your music classroom and still have students learn information in your absence!
Use this form of Prezi presentation to present information to your students without confusion in your absence. Continue the learning in your classroom! Now, you don't have to fill your absent time with student busy work! It is now available to you to provide intellectual information, videos, and listening to your students while in your absence.
Often times, substitute teachers aren't used to the music classroom. Although you won't be able to let your band play in your absence, you can continue to educate them in the subject of music through a voice over presentation, and here is how!
You can provide students with a verbal lecture on any subject and even provide music excerpts for listening embedded within the presentation! All your substitute has to do is hit the play button!
How can I use this?
How can I use this?
Side note:
To input a new frame, simply click "Circle Frame" (could also be Rectangle Frame, etc...). This is located in the top left hand corner. After clicking, you can drag the frame to any location and insert a new text box.
Step 6:
Record what you would like to be the voice over in your Quick Time Player!
Open Quick Time.
Click "File - New Audio Recording"
Record your voice-over!

Step 7:
Insert Voice Over!
Right click the frame on the left-hand side of your screen in which you would like to attach your voice-over
Select "Add Voice-Over to Path"
Select the audio recording from your documents!
Side note:
Substitute teachers can now simply click play to lead your classroom! This not only provides more time for the substitute to keep your classroom on track, but this also provides consistency in your classroom and student learning!
Thank you for your time!

If you have any questions, refer to the hand-out for detailed instruction!

Further questions may be answered at (270)339-3303
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