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Math Survey Project


Hayat Ramzi

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Math Survey Project

By: Hayat Ramzi &
Andrew Duncan Crider Smith DreamWorks
Pixar Pixar and DreamWorks are two very popular movie companies. From Toy Story to Shrek, films from each company have been watched by the students at Mountain View High School. The purpose of this survey is to see which company is more popular by interviewing students from each grade level at Mountain View. The popularity of each will be seen between grade levels, genders, and between gifted/non-gifted kids. This survey will also show how students rate each company on a scale of 1 to 10.
Background Information: If the popularity of the movie companies DreamWorks and Pixar are found from Mountain View students, then Pixar will be more popular because it has received more critical acclaim and has been established longer than DreamWorks.
Hypothesis: The sample size of this survey is restricted to the population of Mountain View students. This survey was conducted mainly on convenience, but also out of a systematic unbiased balancing of gender, educational capacity, and grade to reduce bias in their survey as much as possible. Surveyors decided to break a sample of thirty-two students down into classes with 8 people being surveyed in each class four of which were males and four of which were females. Also, out of the eight people surveyed from each grade level, each of the four grades levels saw four people from the gifted sector and four people from the non-gifted sector. Of the four gifted and non-gifted students surveyed, two were boys and two were girls. The stratified systematic sample is the best option for this survey because it gives each grade an equal opportunity to be represented. Furthermore, by breaking down each category into sub categories, this survey gives both the gifted and non-gifted sectors equal chance, as well as both genders.
Sampling Methodology: Conclusions To improve this survey, a larger sample size of about 200 should be used. Also, students that are surveyed should be given a list of movie options, so recent/well-known movies aren't always picked.

Surveys should be fine-tuned to ask why subjects think x movie is better than y movie, in an unbiased manner that can be quantified. A survey may be submitted breaking down a movie experience into components such as plot, character development, acting, score/soundtrack, animation, and the likes, and then rated one to ten on how important they are to the moviegoer’s experience. Further studies on top of that can inquire how much effort Dreamworks and Pixar put into each category according to the subjects.
The researchers concluded from the nigh overwhelming response to Pixar movies over Dreamworks that Dreamworks is inadequate in comparison to Pixar. This result is backed by their hypothesis and by critical acclaim, as most sites will tell you that Pixar films receive more box office income and generally better ratings. Dreamworks holds its own independently but is not comparable to Pixar
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