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The Evolution Of Shoes

Shoes…Just Shoes

Frantastic Me

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution Of Shoes

The Evolution Of Shoes
Greeks were known for the look of the sandal
On the other hand the Egyptians made sandals that had upturned front soles to protect the wearer’s toes
At Times footwear reached absurd variations
Absurd- Wildly unreasonable, illogical
Variation- A change or difference in condition

Moccasins were still the normal shoe type to be worn
Later though 14th century courtiers used leather footwear featuring long pointed toes
Some tips were so long that the wearer would have to attach string or chain to prevent from tripping
Sacrificed function for fashion

March 16,1966-First Store Opened
On 704E Broadway,in Anaheim California
Paul Van Doren and three partners-makers of vans
Three partners were James Van Doren(brother), Gordon Lee, and Serge D'Elia
Company was unique because it manufactured the shoes then directly sold them to the public

In the middle ages the sandal developed from practical to uncomfortable
Predecessors of modern high-heeled shoes put increased strain on the wearer’s feet
A person who held a job or office before the current holder
Much more of a steady rise of feet problems now

Even though shoes protect feet from wounds and parasites, there are still things to be gained from walking barefoot once in a while for example:
Dormant muscles in our feet and ankles stretch
The natural terrain we thread on, like acupressure
Provides a therapeutic effect
Research shows people who go bare-footed have muscular feet, better posture and thicker soles.
Shoes are evolving

By Michelle
Shoes go back as far as 40,000 years ago

There are cave paintings from 30,000 years ago of people wearing footwear made of either animal skin or fur

Dating from 16,000 to 8,000 B.C.E. people wore “foot bags”made of leather
B.C.E-Before the Common Era
Sandals have been traced back as far as 11,000 years old

Greek Sandal
Egyptian Sandal

Vans slip-ons gained lots of attention when Sean Penn wore them in 1982
Vans core shoes were selling well, but the wide range of other products they sold drained the companies resources
They were not able to overcome the money lost and in 1983 they had to file bankruptcy
Three years later vans paid back all the money they owed
1988-original owners sell to an investment banking firm, with the financial backing from the new owner, Vans go worldwide

1970’s- There were 70 Vans stores in california
Also sells through dealers both nationally and internationally
1980’3-Paul Van Doren took a lesser role in the companies
At this time the vans company started to spread more to sports such as:
They did this to try and compete with big athletic shoe companies

Vans #95 known today as the era-Made by Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta
Had different colour combinations and a padded collar
The Era became the shoe choice for a whole generation of skateboarders
Vans #44(Slip-Ons) became all the rage in south California with the help of Skateboarders and BMX riders

The first day they opened the store, 12 people came in and bought shoes that were made that day and ready to pick up
Vans #44 deck shoes, more well known as Authentic were born
1970 in California most people wearing vans were skateboarders

1994-Vans are manufactured overseas
There is a development of new styles
Huge expansion occurs
Creates world’s leading action sport series
1998-Vans opens their first 46,000 square-foot indoor-outdoor Vans Skate park
On the block of Orange County



In 2000 and 2001 Vans are recognized as one of “America’s Best Small Companies”
2004-Vans launches Vans.com where you can make your own custom shoes
Vans adopt a new concept in skate street contests with the Vans Downtown Showdown, held in the Universal Studios Backlot on Labour Day.
2006-Vans celebrates their 40 years anniversary

1924-Rudolf and Adolf Dassler discover the company Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory) in Herzogenaurach, Germany
Many Olympians wear their shoes in the olympics and win medals
1948-Rudolf Dassler founds Puma

Puma enters “the everest of sailing” race with il Mostro
Puma Enters a new premium category
Create “A Clever Little Bag”
Helps the economy

1999-Puma Launches PUMA MOSTRO- one of the largest trends of the last decades
Is a combination of the Sprintspike and a surfing shoe
This shoe becomes very popular when icons such as Madonna wear them
She wore MOSTRO her entire tour of 2002 and set a worldwide trend

1952-Beginning of a long term relationship between Puma and football
1954-Puma is also well known to be good track shoes
1958-Puma introduces its logo
1974-Johan Crujiff, A german football player refuses to play in anything, but Puma
1986-The company goes public

Stock is traded on the Munich and Frankfurt stock exchanges
1993-Jochen Zeitz is appointed to spearhead and responsible for the reconstruction of Puma, which was in financial difficulties at the time
Spearhead-To lead
Turned the prices from low to a premium Sportlifestyle Company
One of the top three Sporting industries by sticking to long term development

The Evolution Of Puma
October 1,1948-Puma is officially registered
Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik is split in half between the two brothers
The “ATOM”, Pumas first football boot,is launched
1950-Many members of the West Germany football team wear Puma boots
1952-Rudolf Dassler develops a successful football boot with screw-in studs
The “SUPER ATOM” the worlds fistscrew-in boot


Puma Logo
Jonah Crujiff
1996-Olympic games in Atlanta- Puma launches Christine's Portrait with white pumacat on his pupils
Contact lens campaign became a sign of innovating marketing
Not only in sports departments but everywhere
Puma collaborates with Jil Sanders
The “KING” and “EasyRider” are launched
Are a combination of Pumas Performance and Authenticity mixed with Jil Sanders classy style
Puma Contact Lens
Easy Rider
1999 coach became a licensed product
Even though shoes were not their main selling item there was still a large selection of shoes for customers to choose from
Coach for women include various types of sneakers including:
2009 Kathleen or Barrett style sneaker
Birch style hightop sneaker

Mens shoes from coach include:
flip flops
boat shoes
All shoes were made from leather, suede and other high-quality fabrics

There were also different types of shoes including:
thong sandals


1941-Was made popular from its bags and handbags
Most things were made from leather
Made bags, clothing,shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and belts.
Mid 1900s coach introduced a line of shoes
Reed Krakoff-the person who designed coach shoes
Coach began to put the signature “C” as their logo

Converse is a sneaker
Used to be a rubber company that made sneakers and boots
Found out about basketball and made shoes for the sport
became great basketball shoes

Spread to other sports with sneakers like:
Pro Leather
Star Player
Star Chevron showed up and became a converse symbol
Thought Converse were only for athletes
Converse started showing up at rock clubs, on the streets, on rappers, icons, Originals and rebels
individuals picked converse sneakers
Star Player
Pro Leather
Did not stick to one style or definition
Let you be an individual
An artist, rebel, rapper, thinker, gamer, skater, freelance dentist, whatever.
Let you set an image of how you wanted to be viewed and also let you be confident in what you wear
Both men had full time jobs which made it hard to manage the growing requirements of Blue Ribbon Sports
Jeff Johnson (also a runner), joins in 1965 becoming the first full-time employee
Johnson made brochures, print ads and marketing materials even took photos for catalogues
Johnson Opened the first BRS(Blue Ribbon Sports) retail store
Johnson made several different shoe designs and even came up with the store name Nike

BRS and Onitsuka were having relationship problems at the time and Knight and Bowerman were ready to become their own shoe brand instead of a shoe distributor
The selected the brand mark the “Swoosh”
Carolyn Davidson was the designer of the “swoosh” from Portland State University
Nike became in debut in 1972
Bowerman thought of a new design using his wife’s waffle maker the outsole had waffle-type nubs for traction but were lighter than traditional training shoe

With a new logo, name, and design they needed someone to commercialize everything, that someone was Steve Prefontaine
Prefontaine died at age 24 in 1975 most say prefontaine’s spirit still lives in nike
1980-nike completed its OPI and became a publicly traded company
Mid 1980’s Nike no longer became #1, but was able to pay their debut with a new signature shoe for NBA rookie Michael Jordan

Phil Knight- Middle distance runner from Portland
He wrote a paper that proposed quality running shoes could be manufactured with Japan against German Brands
His letters were unanswered
Knight tried to persuade the manufacturer of Tiger shoes to make him the distributor of Tiger shoes in the United States

When the first Sample shoes arrived Knight tried selling them to Bowerman
Instead Bowerman offered a partnership with Knight and provide his footwear design ideas to Tiger
January 1964- Both shook hand pledging to the Blue Ribbon Sports of $500 each which got them an order of 300 pairs of shoes
Knight sold the shoes from the trunk of his Plymouth Valiant while Bowerman experimented with the shoes trying to find different ways on how to make the shoes lighter and better
Even had his runners at the University of Oregon wear-test his creations

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight were the makers of nike
Bill Bowman- Track and field coach at the university of oregon
Always seeking a way to give his athletes an advantage
1950’s manufacturers rejected his idea of making innovative shoes so he cobbled shoes by himself for his athletes

Tiger Shoes

It is believed that footware arose in different places at the same time
Footware was most likely created as a necessity and by different conditions of a particular area for example:
Moccasins- Allowed quicker treks on the forest floor
Boots- Fashioned to keep feet warm in the snow
Clogs- Sturdy footwear in wetter weather

Soon later evolved to serve purely aesthetic purposes
Pertaining to a sense of the beauty
Greeks and Egyptians are usually depicted on ancient urns and in hieroglyphics as donning sandals

The Evolution Of Nike 7
Air Max were the first nike shoes to have visible nike air bags
The campaign of this shoe had the soundtrack of the original recording of the Beatles songs “Revolution”
Nike a year later added onto it’s campaign tagline “Just Do It.”

Three ads included this saying, said by Bo Jackson
In 1989 Nike’s Cross Training Business exploded thanks to “Bo Knows” and the campaign
At the end of the decade Nike regained its position as lead industry
November of 1990, Portland became the first home to a new retail-as-theatre experience called Niketown
Dozens of more Niketowns grew in the USA and internationally

In conclusion Shoes are extremely important
Even look at the movie the Wizard Of Oz, where two girls fight over a pair of shoes
Shoes are something you wear everyday (usually) and they are what protect you from dangerous things on the floor such as glass, sticks or even dog poo
So the next time you wear shoes think of the people from 40,000 years ago and how it all started
The Beginning Of Shoes

The Evolution Of Vans
The Evolution Of Coach
The Evolution Of Converse

The Evolution Of Nike
Wear what
You Love.
It's Flip Flops NOT Slaps
fun facts
The first sneakers made in America were made in 1916
The first boots made for a lady were made for Queen Victoria in 1840
15% of women have a pair of shoes for everyday of the month
Most men have a total of 12 pairs of shoes
The most expensive shoes are the ruby red slippers from Wizard Of Oz for $665000
A woman in Florida owns 733 pairs of Converse
Sandals are the earliest known shoes
It wasn't until 1818 until the right shoe was invented
The shoes Neil Armstrong wore to the moon are floating in space right now, they were left there in fear that they were contaminated
An average woman owns 27 pairs of shoes
43% of the female population has been injured by their shoes
33% of women's shoes are black and 4% are red
The first sneakers were called Keds
In North Dakota it is illegal to fall asleep with your shoes on
In Winnatka, Illinois it is illegal to take off your shoes in a theatre if you have smelly feet
In Maine it is illegal to walk down a street with your shoes untied
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