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Adequacy of Parking Spaces in the UP Diliman Campus

Tin Derafera, Ros De Vera, David Garcia

David Jonathan Garcia

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Adequacy of Parking Spaces in the UP Diliman Campus

Adequacy of Parking Spaces in the UP Diliman Campus overview results analysis objectives one. to measure perceptions of UP students about the adequacy of parking in the UP Diliman campus two. to measure student acceptance of parking
regulations - fees, user restrictions, reservation three. to measure student demand for more parking spaces four. to draft recommendations based on
the matter at hand significance A foreseen increase in the number of students who bring cars. A foreseen inadequacy of parking space within the campus. Reference for the preparation of UP development plans on infrastructure and transport. hypothesis "That parking spaces in the UP Diliman campus are perceived to be inadequate." methodology sampling procedure.
purposive and convenience characteristics of the sample.
undergraduate UP students currently
enrolled in Geography courses who use
private cars to and from school. questionnaire items reasons of bringing car to school
frequency of car use
duration of car use
locations and schedules of parking
experience of difficulty in finding parking space
perception of adequacy of parking space
parking fee acceptance
user restriction by membership
need for a parking building
conversion of UP idle lands
location of potential parking space
reservation of parking space for faculty use
demographic information data organization.
tabular format analysis
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