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LibTech: Prezi--Presentations that tell a story

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Becky Canovan

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of LibTech: Prezi--Presentations that tell a story

how little does this go? What Prezi Does Well Becky March 17, 2011 YOU!!! X X X / / Seriously. I'm a big believer in ice cream therapy Now it's your turn!! As they say "Go make some nice prezis." It takes some practice. Trust me, my first few were motion sickness-inducing powerpoints! -catch attention
-zoom (scope)
-show movement
-interact w/
YouTube Prezi Ground Rules for Prezi 1. Find your story or narrative -story
-script of lesson
-specific example 2. Draw/sketch/imagine FIRST like in construction...measure twice
----cut once!! 3. Make it visual, not just something with visuals 4. Know your audience -don't lose your message in the awe of technology 5. If it only really makes sense for a part of your presentation, only use it for part of your presentation Don't have graphics skills? No worries. BECKY'S Tips and Tricks -use powerpoint to create slides to embed as background -use pictures you take yourself -scan pictures or objects -use a reusable prezi with background that fits your needs Allow (or force) yourself to think outside the slide -you're only limited by your imagination -remember you determine the path, and there's always more than one way to get some place http://prezi.com/sygjt9rg4viu/world-civ/ World Civ http://dft.ba/-researchtimeline Research Process Timeline Questions? Comments? beckycanovan.com bcanovan@dbq.edu 563-589-3649 563-589-3649 bcanovan@dbq.edu beckycanovan.com http://dft.ba/-reseachquestions Research Questions http://dft.ba/-topic2thesis From topic to thesis http://dft.ba/-soctopics Narrowing topics http://dft.ba/-soc311 SOC311 Haiku http://dft.ba/-MRWhaiku Designing presentations that tell a story LibTech 2011
Becky Canovan beckycanovan.com Thanks to DFTBA Records, Liam Dryden, and Dave Bullas for permission to use their buttons and stickers.
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