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The Bloody Chamber

No description

Charlotte Humber

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Bloody Chamber

The Bloody Chamber
Section 2
- Working in groups look at certain questions in section 2

- Afterward we will feedback to the rest of the class

How does Carter build up a sense of premonition and foreboding?
What further Gothic imagery does Carter use in the description of the castle, the housekeeper and the bedroom?
Discuss Carter's use of the food analogy to describe the disrobing of the bride
Why does the Marquis abruptly stop the ritual?
'He closed my legs like a book'
'The bloody bandage of rubies'
'A sharp premonition of dread'
'before he kissed me and left me and died'
'a mysterious, amphibious place'
'sad, sea-siren of a place!
'that luminous, murmurous castle'
'impeccably starched white linen head-dress of the religion'
'bland, pale, impassive, dis-likeable face'
'stripping the leaves of an artichoke'
'she, bare as a lamb chop'
'nothing but my scarlet, palpitating
core remained'
What insight does it give you into his character?
Enjoys her fear
'Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure'
We know he's sadistic
'I saw again the rare movement of his lips that meant he smiled'
Takes pleasure in her embarrassment
horrific atmosphere
Comment on Carter's use of coarse sexual terms to describe the images the narrator sees in the slim volume found in the bookcase
'her cunt a split fig'
'great globes of her buttocks'
'with his free hand his prick, that curved upwards like the scimitar he held.'
'which the knotted tails of the cat were about to descend'
Carter makes reference to another fairytale with the line 'All the better to see you'. What connection is she trying to make between the fairytale and the Marquis
'What connection does Carter make between sex, violence and death in the section leading up to the loss of the narrator's virginity'
'it was cold as ice and chilled me'
'blazing rubies'
'twined my hair into a rope'

Charlotte Humber
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