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Honors Final Paper

No description

Samantha Watterson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Honors Final Paper

Alternative Livelihoods:
The key to counter-narcotics in Afghanistan In order to stop opium trade, poppy cultivation needs to ended. The majority of Afghan farmers grow poppy in response to and as a result of ... POVERTY The problem: The illicit drug industry makes up 60% of the GDP
170,000 Afghans addicted to heroin (2005)
60, 000 addicts in Kabul alone (2004)
The Afghanistan poppy crop provides the world with 92% of its heroin
The proceeds of this illicit trade go to fund the Taliban "The Taliban resurrgence, al Qaeda's reorganization, and the restarting of its training camps for international terrorists groups after the U.S. invastion would have been impossible without the explosion in heroin production."
-Descent into Chaos Drugs If there were no more poppies, there would be no opium. The key is to get farmers to stop growing poppies. ...but farmers grow poppies as a result of poverty. Many attempts have been made to eradicate the crop:
aerial spraying
field eradication
paying farmers to destroy their crops These solutions are all temporary. Farmers will be desperate for money again the next year, and replant their crop. What needs to be done:
offer incentives to farmers who grow
crops other than poppies...
like wheat, cotton, and mint! ALTERNATIVE LIVELIHOODS! reduce hunger cut off the Taliban's funding right from the start reduce crime Poppies are easy to grow and extremely profitable. Warlords will provide farmers with whatever they need to ensure that there will be a crop. The Solution (Thesis): ...and this is the only way to
get farmers to stop growing
poppies on a long term basis.
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