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Copy of Corporate Strategy of Huawei

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v c

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Corporate Strategy of Huawei

Huawei’s Corporate Goal 100 Billion $
by 2020 Customer focus Huawei - Company's Strategy hire engineers locally Foundation Corporate Strategy Ingredients Strategy Assessment Corporate Strategy Company Profile Corporate Strategy
of S Corporate Goals A Presentation of
Stefanie Hutter,
Valeria Marchionne,
Charlotte Leibrecht
Puia Mahboub Performance and Criticism Mission,

Corporate strategy

Business strategy

Functional Strategy

Strategy implementation Analysis / Development of a Corporate Strategy Identification / Formulation
of Corporate Goals In which markets do we want to be engaged in?

In which markets should we be engaged in?

What are our competitive advantages? Vision & Mission Statement Who and how are we?

What are our values and philosophy?

For whom do we do what?

What are our goals?

What would we like to become? Level 1: Corporate strategies
Growth, stability, retrenchment, or mixture?
Level 2: Business strategies
Competition and/ or Co-Operation?
Level 3: Functional strategies
Configuration of Value Chain Activities? Huawei`s Vision & Mission FOUNDED BY/IN: Vidya Chandrasekhar
INDUSTRY: Learning & Development
fee-based professional services Price cutting strategy 2 - high spendings on R&D JV/partnerships 2 kinds of cooperations: Internationalization of R&D - best CMM environment - to follow developing trends of GSM and WCDMA in EU - to trace the development of research of communication products MOTIVES - Proximity to local universities
- Access to local specialists/ specialized R&D knowledge
- Cooperation with local partners
- Tapping informal networks
- Adopt foreign R&D spillovers Huawei - Company’s Strategy To enrich life through communication To focus on our customers' market challenges and needs by providing excellent ICT solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for our customers.
Internationalization of R&D
International Project Teams
Strict Customer Focus
Continuous Price Cutting
Joint Ventures & Partnerships 80 service offices across the globe

3800 professional service personnel

over 480 service partners

over 7000 certified engineers in partnership

44 authorized certified training centres customer oriented high-performance corporate culture service network Aggressive price strategy to win contracts: 1 - low engineers' salaries 86% Chinese 3 - attractiveness 10% of sales newest
& best technologies Huawei - Company's Strategy Huawei - Company's Strategy Multi-level cooperation with peers Partnerships with customers & suppliers future oriented The Characteristics of Huawei’s Strategy Challenges in Developed Markets Local Responsiveness Building Global Brands Regulation Risk (IP) Cross-cultural Project Management Low-cost Strategy IHRM Local markets Mission /
Vision W O T trenghts eaknesses pportunities hreats Focus on Innovation

Global Operational Excellence Increasing Liability

Limited Presence in the US Growing Demand in BRIC Countries

Increasing Demand for CE Products Intense Competition

Regulatory Changes in the Environment Huawei - Company's Strategy International Project Teams
to Incorporate Best Practices Huawei - Company’s Strategy Internationalization of R&D Enterprise
20% Devices
20% Cloud
20% Telecom
40% Adopted Strategies Cost Leadership Cooperative Strategy:
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