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Cloud Computing

No description

Phan Kit Yeng

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

10176035a Mercy
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10078053a Mia

Cloud Computing
Google Drive
Cloud Computing Trends
SWOT Analyse
Cost reduction
Device and location independence
Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier
Productivity may be increased
Depend on electric devices
Useless without internet
Need strong network for heavy file

Addressed to a degree that clouds have become interesting for full commercial exploitation.
The major Cloud technology developers continue to invest billions a year in Cloud.
Replace USB, storage.

More competitors, similar concepts:
Grid computing
Mainframe computer
Utility computing

The concept of cloud pc is very useful for many people,however we cannot rely on it 100%. A physical storage is a must have for important files that we want to keep.
Your files is yours. You have the responsibility to keep it safe.
1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing

Your goal is to have an efficient and profitable company
1. Software upgrade

2. Cost of development, testing, and maintenance
In short,


, and

very difficult
to maintain.
Cloud Computing :
- is a strategy that talks about the sharing or access of computing resources via the internet that operates in a cloud server.
The term '
Each super computer costs millions of dollars (containing all the software, storage and devices)
Growing demand of more powerful and less expensive computers and microprocessors.
computing played an important role to the internet.
Late 90's
Application Service Providers (ASP)
licensing a commercial software application to multiple customers through internet.
Watch This!!
is taken as a metaphor of the internet in a paper published by MIT in 1996.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Saas vendors hosts applications through web to be accessed by their clients paid under a subscription.

- models of cloud computing
Private Cloud
sent over a specific organization
runs in a private network
highly secure
Community Cloud
managed by a third-party or internally
infrastructure is shared in a specific community
Public Cloud
is owned by the service provider
owns the highest level of efficiency
pay-per-use model
accessible through the internet
Hybrid Cloud
work on your applications on both physical machine and switch to a virtual machine
- Cloud Application Layers
Infrastructure as a Service
Platform as a Service
Software as a Service (SaaS)
ASUS WebStorage 2Years 1TB
Laptop + Drive
acer CB3-111 11.6吋Chromebook
Hard Disk :64GB
Hard Disk :32GB
Google WebStorage 2 Years 100G
Medical Cloud
ASUS WebStorage - 7-ELEVEN ibon
Not Cloud Computing
Suitable for Chunghwa Telecom users
Free storage: 2GB
Desktop Apps: Windows, iOS, Android
Google offers all users 15 GB of online storage space, that is shared across three of its most-used services: Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.
Google Drive was launched in 2012 and had 240 million monthly active users in 2014
50GB big storage space!
Free storage: 50GB
File size limit: 2GB
Desktop Apps: Windows, iOS, Android
From China
Free storage: 15GB
File size limit: 4GB
Desktop Apps: Windows, iOS, Android
Suitable for Apple user
Free storage: 5GB
File size limit: 25MB/250MB
Desktop Apps: iOS
lots of benefits for ASUS user
Free storage: 5GB
File size limit: 500MB/10GB
Desktop Apps: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu
Provide several service:7-11 & iBon Web-to-Print/Cloud print
Most device platform
Free storage: 5GB
Desktop Apps: Windows、iOS、Android
Cloud II home
Free storage: 10GB
File size limit: unlimited on desktop/
300MB on mobile
Desktop apps: Windows, iOS, Android
Free storage space: 15GB
File size limit: 10GB
Desktop apps: Windows, iOS, Android
Cloud security
Google Drive to replace the original Google Docs. Google will display all files in Google Drive. Google Drive support directly videos, and Adobe, Photoshop and other file types in the browser.
Dropbox was launched in 2008 and had 300 million monthly active users in 2014.

Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on their computers/phone, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of which computer used to it.
Free Dropbox users only 2GB , but you can invite others to join the program to get other storage space.
Each successful invites both have 500MB each time. The free Dropbox user can have 18GB.
Share my experience of using google drive
1TB = USD 9.99
How to choose it?
File- Dropbox: better efficacy, security, stability of share file.
Document-Google Drive :more powerful online editing functions for phone or tablet APP, also has continuously updated.
Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc.
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