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Advertising and Marketing

Tim Oliver

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Representation

Media texts do not present us with reality.
They represent (or mediate) it.
Can you think of any text that would disprove this?
Agree or Disagree?
Let's start with
Your profile is a representation of you.
basic info
work & education
arts & entertainment
activities & interests
but like all representations,
it is only partial:
there's more to you than this.
It is also constructed:
you thought about the best;
facial expression
like all representations
it is selective:
it is one out of hundreds
of images of you
Your profile picture is a representation of you.
So, representation is
partial & selective.
Constructing a representation is a process involving a series of choices.
Maurice Moss
character from The IT Crowd (Channel 4)
actor in The IT Crowd (Channel 4)
Richard Ayoade
Let's take a fictional character
representations of Maurice Moss
character from The IT Crowd (Channel 4)
What choices have been made
in constructing this representation
from this actor?
What choices were made in constructing this representation of this actor?
Media Institutions use stereotypes because the audience will instantly
understand them. Think of
stereotypes as a ‘visual
shortcut’. They’re
repeated so often that
we assume they are
normal or ‘true’,
however they are often
A representation that challenges tradition stereotypical associations of groups, people or places. Think of it as a positive stereotype. Black Americans in the past have been subject to negative stereotyping (criminals). However Will Smith provides a counter type as he is positive role model.
A Nurse
A Mechanic
A High Court Judge
Counter Type
Every time we see a media text, we are not seeing reality but someone's version of it.
This is essentially what is meant by mediation.
Here is an excellent example.
Rebecca can't sing but she can auto tune...
An archetype is the ultimate stereotype. A very typical representation of a person, a place or an idea. A perfect vision. The archetypal father - stern, powerful and controlling.
You have 5 minutes...
These do not need to be neat, but should have some detail.
Draw the following people;
Gender Stereotyping
What is this advert suggesting?How old do you think this advert is?How have adverts improved?Is this advert a fair representation of genders?
Look at the following adverts. Consider the representations. Are there any examples of stereotypes, archetypes or counter types?

What do the representations tell us about the target audience?

Work in pairs.
Make notes in your book.
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