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To Kill a Mockingbird Major Event Timeline

No description

Grace Pinel

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird Major Event Timeline

To Kill a Mockingbird Major Event Timeline

By Grace Pinel

July 1st 1933
Dill arrives in Maycomb County for his Summer visit to see his Aunt Rachel. He and the Finch children keep tabs on the Radley house.
September 3rd 1933
Dill returns home to go to school, the finch children enjoy the rest of their summer
September 10th 1933
Scout starts the first grade
May 30th 1934
The Finch kids find items in the hole in the tree of the Radley house. (2 pieces of gum and a box full of 2 polished pennies, a spelling medal, pocket watch, chain, knife and soap carvings representing them)

The tree hole is filled with cement shortly after.
July 1st 1934
Dill returns to Maycomb and the children make up the Boo Radley game. Atticus finds out and lectures the children on seeing things from other peoples perspectives. Dill returns home shortly.
July 26th 1935
Scout saves Tom from the Lynch Mob
November 21st 1934
Tom Robinson is accused of raping Mayella Ewell
December 22nd 1934
Atticus decides to represent Tom Robinson in the court case
March 31st 1935
Jem starts reading to Mrs. Dubose as a punishment
June 1st 1935
Aunt Alexandra visits Maycomb and the Tom Robinson case is started
August 26th 1935
Jury returns with the verdict and Tom Robinson is sentenced as guilty
September 5th 1935
Tom Robinson is shot 17 times while trying to escape prison and is killed
October 25th 1935
The finch children are attacked by Bob Ewell and Boo Radley is revealed as their savior.
Miss Maudie's house burns down. When the Finch children are outside watching, Boo Radley covers scout with a blanket.
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