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AMDM: Math In My Future...

No description

Jada Mitchell

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of AMDM: Math In My Future...

AMDM: Math In My Future...
By: Jada Mitchell
Date: 9/01/2013
Teacher: Coach Cannon
Class: AMDM
Mission Statement/ Statement Of Purpose…
After Graduating Langston Hughes High School, I actually plan on enlisting in the military for two years and joining the Navy seals in this oncoming war in Syria. I have not yet decided whether or not I actually want to fight in the war or simply be the brains behind the operation; whatever I decided to do will be solely up to me.
After two years in the military I will take some time off of that to achieve my bachelor’s degree from LSU after four years staying there. After my time at LSU is up it’ll be back off to the military as a high ranking lieutenant.

Mission Statement...
College Life...
College: Louisiana State University (LSU)
Season Attending: Fall

Overview Of The School
Year Founded: 1860
Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Fall and Spring Cost of Attendance at LSU

Tuition & Fees Room & Board Books & Supplies Transportation Personal & Miscellaneous
On Campus
Off Campus
Parents/Relative Full Time
3/4 Time
1/2 Time On Campus
Off Campus
Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Table
$2,900 $750
$375 $554
$843 $971
Graduate Tuition & Fees Table
$2,900 $1,038
$519 $554
$843 $971
Law Law Tuition & Fees
$2,900 $1,000 $554
$843 $971
Veterinary Medicine Tuition & Fees Table
$2,900 $2,250 $554
$843 $1,656

Fall and Spring Cost of Attendance at LSU...
I plan on enlisting into the U.S. Navy seals before i attend college, so in this project i have also included my plans for the military.
Military Life: Life as A Navy seal...
My plans in the military include me going for 4 consecutive years into the U.S. Navy Seals and being the first woman in my family to be in the military. As a Navy Seal i will earn my rank as a lieutenant and high ranking officer.
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