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The Family Bound Program

A Toolkit for preparing teens for permanent family connections, new or original, kin or recruited.

Bob Lewis

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of The Family Bound Program

Teens and their families gather as one group for a Pizza Party. Some teens will have “Bridge” families (for practice) and be meeting them for the first time. Others will be spending time with their birth, kin, adoption or foster families who will be acting in “self-conscious” parenting role.
A Toolkit for Preparing Teens for Permanent Family Connections
The Family Bound Program
: overcoming core beliefs.
: trauma & loss.
Engaging teens for relationship building & mending:
Family Bound
Enlist all involved adults
Who has been "found"?
Who has been ID'd in TVP?
Who might volunteer?
Recruit if needed
Family Involvement
Two group leaders
Lay out the calendar-9/10 weekly
Prepare each session
Regularly communicate with everyone
A family for each, involved & committed
Getting Started
some long
some short
prepared and debriefed
Family Bound Program launch
Keeping our promise
Self-conscious parenting
1: The Real Truth About Families
2: “What Are Families For, Anyway?”
3: “What Kind of Family is Best for Me?”
4: Fitting In
5: Staying In
6: Loss is a Part of Living
7: “I’ve Been a Lot of Places”
8: “I’ve Learned a Lot of Things”
9: Looking Back - Moving Forward
Home stretch
Understand values and feelings about family life
Learn how to claim one’s own talents and abilities
Session Five
Staying In
Identify issues of loss in your life
Moving towards understanding and acceptance of losses
Session Six
Loss is a Part of Living
Identify the important people, places, and events in your life
Consider their influence on your ability to become part of a family differently
Session Seven
I’ve Been a Lot of Places
Consider the ingredients needed to help ensure positive outcomes in your life
Examine ways to bring about more positive outcomes in the future
Session Eight
I’ve Learned a Lot of Things
Review what has been learned
Explore what you will take with you
Session Nine
Looking Back–Moving Forward
Expect a degree of ambivalence
Teens need preparation for family living
Teens acute sensitivity to rejection and failure
The attachment of a youth to a new family is a unique experience
Elements to Consider
Youth and young adults need guidance, support and the support of caring adults
Preparing to move back to a family often requires practice with a family
Identify expectations about families
Clear up misconceptions
Session One
The Real Truth About Families
Understand the purpose of family
Understand the responsibilities family members have for one another
Session Two
What Are Families For, Anyway?
Session Three
What Kind of Family Is Best for Me?
Acknowledge differences between yourselves and other people
Learn and practice ways to get along in spite of differences
Citrus Hts, CA
5 weekend visits
practice visits
Pizza Party
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