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Generative Grammar

No description

Jesus Ruiz

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Generative Grammar

Generative Grammar
What is Generative Grammar?
Semantic in Grammar
Teaching Goals
Theory of Language Acquicition
Main Concepts
NP, VP, AP, PP, Adv P
Main representative
*A Type of Grammar
*Brach Rules of Sentences
Noam Chosky
Syntactic Structure
syntactic component
Goverment and Binding Theory
minimalist programe
Competences vs Performance
Conception of Language
Principals vs Parameters
Mother Tongue
Theory of Language
Properties Common to All Language
Formalization of Rules
Performance is not studied deeply
Context is not taken into consideration
Sentence Analysis
University of Carabobo
Education School
Modern Language Department
Pedagogy of Grammar

Generative Grammar
Maria Ortega
Students Names:
Karleyn Perez and Jesus Ruiz
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