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Coach Carter

No description

katelyn montgomery

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Coach Carter

Leadership Traits

- The leadership traits that Coach Carter displayed were: creativity, drive, and self confidence.
Leadership Style

Transformational Leadership

Visionary Leadership
Coach Carter
- Throughout the film, Coach Ken Carter displayed....

- Transformational leadership
- Visionary Leadership
- Directive Leadership

Coach Carter
Coach Carter
Transformational Leadership:
"is a style of leadership where the leader is charged with identifying the needed change, which creates vision".
Transformational Leadership:
Visionary Leadership:
Directive Leadership
Directive Leadership:

- Another leadership style that Coach Carter displayed was Autocratic Style.

An autocratic style is defined as: a leader who acts in command and control.
Autocratic Style:
Self Confidence:
Creativity :
- Coach Carter demonstrated amazing leadership behaviors.

- Even though he used an
aggressive leadership style
he still treated his players as if they were his own child

- He cared about every single player on the team. He cared about them on and off the court.

- " I think that is definitely good leadership behavior because as a leader you must have a high concern for your teammates. This allows the players to get to know and care about one another. This is something that benefits a sports team because it adds chemistry within the team" .
Coach Carter
Coercive Power:
Example from Coach Carter:
" When a leader conveys their orders by threatening others ".
Coach Carter
Legitimate Power:
" Comes from being in a higher position or job role".
Example from Coach Carter:

Coach Carter
Expert Power:

" Is gained by experience and knowledge".
Example for Coach Carter:
Coach Carter
Referent Power:
Example From Coach Carter
Coach Carter gained this power position in the film because the basketball team began to trust and respect him as they knew how he was a good coach.
Coach Carter
- By providing a contract agreement to the students,
Coach Carter is providing a reward to them. The ability to play basketball. If they do not meet the requirements of the contract they will not be allowed to play anymore.

- Coach Carter believes that by doing this he will ot only earn respect from his players but he will also help better his players as individuals.
- The motivational theory that best fits this movie is the ERG theory. This is because with the ERG theory any or all the needs can be influence individual behavior at a given time.

- In this case, existence needs are satisfied as the players build their physical capabilities and desires for physical well-being are accomplished. Relatedness needs are satisfied as the boys develop positive relationships with each other, including Coach Carter and those outside the team.

Does the Character(s) develop strong
Why or Why not
- Coach Carter develops very strong leadership throughout the movie as he displays three types of power throughout the movie. He displays signs of good leadership. His displays not only legitimate power, but also coercive and expert power.

- Coach Carter displays legitimate power as he has the ability to influence other people based off of the authority he was rewarded by the school.
Does the Character(s) develop strong
Why or Why not
- He shows coercive power as he has the ability to punish the basketball players in practice by giving them extra things to do and he has the ability to kick them off the team if they do not meet the agreements stated in the contract.

- He also displays expert power throughout the movie as he once played for the school basketball team and was very good and holds many records.
- Coach carter inspired his team and taught his players that they can achieve far more then they image they can.
- He has a positive influence on his players and encourages them to work to their full potential.
This leadership style helps others see how they contribute to their vision. It allows leaders and followers to work together to achieve a common goal.
- Coach Carter helped his players with their visions throughout the movie.

- Coach Carter not only made them have a vision for basketball but he also had them vision his academics as well.
- He showed the team that the more they work together the more likely they are to reaccj their common goal.
- The leader tells staff, employees, or players what they are expected to do and how to perform the expected tasks.
- Coach Carter expected a lot from his players throughout the movie.
- Throughout the film he told his players what he expected from them.
- If the players didn't behave accordingly and didn't do what was expected Coach Carter made it clear that they would be punished or they would be kicked off the team
- An example of Coach Carter showing Autocratic Style of leadership was when he runs his drills.
- He commands his players to do what they are told and to do it right away
- Coach Carter displayed Drive through his motivation with his team. At the beginning of the movie the team was a disaster but since Coach Carter believed in his team and the the drive to make them better he succeeded as a leader.
- Self Confidence was displayed because Coach Carter trusted himself and his unique coaching style.

- Coach Carter had the self confidence to make his team better and to do whatever it took to make them a functional team.
- Coach Carter displayed a lot of creativity. A prime example of Coach Carter showing his creativity is when he made his players sign a team contract.
- The contract consisted of the players displaying good behavior, maintaining a certain GPA.
- His drills and coaching style was extremely creative as well.
- Coach Carter expressed this power by telling his players that if they did not get good grades, respect their team mates, or him as a coach that they would no longer be on the team and he would close the gym.
- Coach Carter is at a high position as their basketball coach
- Legitimate Power was also demonstrated in the movie when the team finally started to
recognize that he was the Coach and wanted the best for all of his players and wasn't
trying to sabotage them by punishing them.
- Coach Carter demonstrated expert power because he had a lot of experience and knowledge with the game of basketball but he also has a lot of experience and knowledge of being a leader.

- Comes from being respected and trusted by individuals.
- Another leadership style that Coach Carter displayed was
Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic Leadership
: Is a leader who acts in a command and control fashion.

- When Coach Carter ran drills he controlled them and commanded a lot from his players. He made sure that his players were finishing each task they were assigned and gave it 100 percent effort.
Coach Carter
Example From Coach Carter
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