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animal cell organelle analogies

comparing important organelles that animal cells need to non-living things that are used everyday.

colton malone

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of animal cell organelle analogies

animal cell analogies Comparing animal cells
to non-living things. by Colton Malone
period 3 lets see what a animal cell looks like... So this is what a cell looks like. See how it has many items in it? those are called ORGANELLES. They are a lot like things we use today. Here is a example. It is like a fence. It lets needed things come in but helps
keep bad things out. this is the CELL MEMBRANE Let's see what other ORGANELLES do. The NUCLEUS is like a computer, in the sense that they both play a important role and store information. The NUCLEUS CYTOPLASM is like the air we breath. it surrounds you,
and makes up a large percentage of what is in your environment .In cells, the CYTOPLASM is the liquid inside of a cell and surrounds everything inside of it. The CYTOPLASM the MITOCHONDRIA the MITOCHONDRIA is like
a power plant. It helps to make
energy for the cell. the GOLGI APPARATUS is like a mail company. it takes things and packages them. the GOLGI APPARATUS (BODY) the ROUGH ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM or ROUGH ER are like roads. They help transport materials through-out the cell. the ROUGH ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM The SMOOTH ER is like a pharmacy. They give "medicine" that the cell or surrounding cells can use. the SMOOTH ER The RIBOSOMES are like factories. They create proteins for the cell to use. RIBOSOMES The LYSOSOMES are like like garbage trucks. They collect the unwanted or needed things inside of the cell and dispose of them. the LYSOSOMES There are three different examples of the CYTOSKELETON, shown in the picture. The CYTOSKELETON in general though, is like a building frame. It helps the cell keep it's shape. the CYTOSKELETON mcrotubules actin filaments intermediate filaments In a cell, the FLAGELLA looks like a whip. This is to help the cell move. So, i would compare the flagella to a car, for they both help with movement the FLAGELLA And I hope you enjoyed this presentation. So that is what is in a cell. cell membrane
golgi apparatus
endoplasmic reticulum
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