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Internet Safety: Phishing

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michael lynch

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Internet Safety: Phishing

Internet Safety: Phishing

What is phishing?
Cyberbullying is the process of bullying someone on or through the internet.
People are not always who you think they are.
Information is extremely valuable, especially with the internet.
People may try to steal information about you: your Social Security number, your credit card information, or even your Facebook account.
With the internet, this is easier than ever.
How Phishing Works
In phishing, people get you to enter your information yourself.
They can do this in many ways.
For example, you may get a notice from Facebook saying your account has been hacked, and you have to enter your information. You click the link to Facebook and enter your log in information.
That was not Facebook. You just gave away your Facebook account.
How to avoid Phishing
Internet is like real life
Everyone has an online identity
Everyone has to be careful about his identity, because it can get stolen and someone might try to destroy your reputation
First, just be careful on the internet. Always think before giving away any information.
Do you trust that company?
Even if you do, make sure that it really is the company. Check past emails and see if they are the same.
If you are being cyberbullied, you can
tell an adult
don't share any information
An exaple of cyber bulling is: Did an Internet
prank lead a St. Charles County teen to take her
own life? Her parents say their daughter was
driven to her death by online attacks led not by
other teens, but by adults. No law was broken,
there was no real crime, but it is all a real tragedy.

Identity Theft
What is it?
Identity theft is when someone steals your identity to do stuff which you normally wouldn't do.

An example is when someone hacks your social network and says stuff on it that you would not.

Make sure you always have a good password.
Don't use the same password for everything.
Don't give away your password.

Spot The Difference
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