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Build a Tech Startup in Just 7 Days - by Michael Bodekaer

Michael Bodekaer is a successful serial tech entrepreneur who passionately creates one tech company after another and teaches other young aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same! Do not miss out on this cool presentation!

Michael Bodekaer

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Build a Tech Startup in Just 7 Days - by Michael Bodekaer

It's all about having fun build the product BUILD A STARTUP IN 3 start·up The act or process of setting into operation or motion. n. definition DON'T JUST TALK ABOUT IT! WHO AM I? Michael Bodekaer Tech Entrepreneur Application DESIGNER DEVELOPER love I've started 10 companies 1. Smartlaunch - gaming centers 2. lejebolig.dk - apartment rental 3. softdetect - antipiracy software 4. soup institute - soup takeway 5. adwire - mobile advertisement 6. it-jobworld - online job portal SO WHY LISTEN TO ME ...and still counting 1 YOU CAN NEVER FAIL become an expert look for ideas You have to look really hard! get first customer website + marketing and you're flying! CELEBRATE! ...and you hit bulls-eye! just keep on going! and if that isn't good enough for you i've got a fast car too :) IN OTHER WORDS: DO SOMETHING 2 thanks! michael bodekaer michael@bodekaer.dk www.michaelbodekaer.com bodekaer build prototypes! test small! be prepared to
WILL work work work harder work work work work work work work = FUN! work work LET'S SUM IT UP NO MORE EXCUSES! AND GET REALLY GOOD AT IT GET RID OF IDEA GUYS AND ONE LAST THING! extreme sports have skills that help startups! don't just be the idea guy! BLAST I HAD A THROUGH THE WHOLE JOURNEY! Find events where you DO SOMETHING! OR YOU WILL
NEVER DO IT AGAIN :) 7DAYS cut the crap DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3+4 DAY 5 it can be your mom! HOW TO DAY 6 GET FREE MANPOWER http://vimeo.com/10843564 1. Design: MonsterTemplates.com
2. Platform: Wordpress / Drupal
3. Marketing: Google Adwords DAY 7 1. GET FEEDBACK
2. ADJUST IDEA/PRODUCT tip: buy an e-book! building a startup in just 7 days! by Michael Bodekaer
www.michaelbodekaer.com learning: pick buyers by skills and network ...not just money learning: it can be really really easy! learning: launch quickly! ...try 7 days! learning: focus on what you love! learning: pick the right partners! ...and be extra careful with sales people learning: don't step on the big guys toes BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ABOUT THIS
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