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The 5 Themes Of Geography!

Mr.Fosters Class Project

Alyssa Nghe

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of The 5 Themes Of Geography!

The 5 Themes Of Geography! By: Alyssa Nghe This Is A Project About... South Korea!!! ^_^ Yay! South Korea is 35 degrees East,
65 degrees North. Absolute Location: Relative Location:

East of Mongolia of course
South of North Korea and west
of Japan. Most locations in South Korea are poor,
but some are not. The population is about 48,860,500 Place: South Korea's Winters are
long, dry and cold. January is
the coldest month of the
year for South Korea. Seoul's
average temperature in the winters are
5 degrees below zero. South Korea during Summer is hot,humid and short.
August is the hottest Month in the Summer. According to the climate for south Korea there is one
rainy month it is usually from late June to July. About 4,500 plant species are known.
Bamboo and Evergreen Oak are found
in the Southern Coastal Areas. Korea has a ton of interesting animals,including: Tundra Swans, Red Squirrels, Striped Field Mouse and Kobayashi Bat, etc. A Korean belief is that if your sitting in your room with the
fan on and the windows closed you will die. Fan Death South Korean people
mostly use buses, taxis and subways
and cars. Transportation: South Korean people recycle alot.
At an apartment in South Korea almost every apartment
number had 4 recycle bins for 4 different kinds of rubbish. South Korea is located in East Asia and in the continent
of Asia.
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