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Immigration To Canada

No description

Tara Henderson

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of Immigration To Canada

British Immigration
One of the reasons was Nazi Germany was bombing british city's. Starvation was another thing because Nazi Germany was sinking the british supply line. It was really crowded. British loyalists were being removed because America is being its own country.
Israeli immigration
The Israeli-Arab conflict. All the wars (there was 72 wars and Israel won all the wars). When Israel was very new it wasn't stable country. So people moved to Canada.
Russian Immigration
Joseph Stalin was starving Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and others. Alaska used to be apart Russia Empire. The fur hunters were kicked out and moved to Canada. In WW1 Russia ran out of food so everyone starved. So people moved to Canada.
Scottish immigration
Main reasons why Scottish people immigrated. There going to be in factory's. also it was really crowded and a lot of poverty. In 1830 - 1930 two million people left Scotland. The farm land was really bad for growing crops.
Irish immigration
Main reason why Irish people came to Canada. The farm land was bad due to hills. Poverty was bad they can't buy any food. One million died in the Great Irish Hunger.
Immigration To Canada
Websites I Used.
I am doing Immigration about different
country's because Ben got me out of my
chair and made me do this. I worked
pretty hard to do this and I researched
about immigration i thought it would be
good to do a prezi on this.
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