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Caroline Chisholm

No description

Tahlia adams

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Caroline Chisholm

Caroline Chisholm

Did you know Caroline was on the original $5 note in Australia. As well as her image there was a picture of a ship the ship was Waverley.

Caroline Chisholm didn't find it easy building the female immigrants home but she felt it was something that needed to be done.

By 1858 the society had sent out more than 3000 immigrants.

All about her
Born- 30th of May 1808 near Northampton, England

Death- 25th of March 1877 London, Highgate.

Mum- Sarah Jones

Dad- William Jones

Nickname- The Emigrants Friend
Why did she have an impact on Australia
In 1841 she established the Female Emigrant’s Home in Sydney, which not only provided shelter but also helped unemployed young women to find work.
She helped all refuges and found suitable jobs for them.

Caroline did not attend school she was home schooled.

Caroline arrived in Australia in 1938 and set up homes for people who came to live here.

Caroline Chisholm is buried at Billing Road Cemetery in Northampton.

Caroline died of heart attack.

Even as a young girl she was interested in helping people. Her parents' home was always open to everyone, no matter how rich or poor.
Caroline Chisholm moved to Australia as a young married woman, around 1830.

Her best friend is Joanna Boggle.

At seven she displayed a passionate interest in immigration.

Her best friend is Joanna Boggle

Family members
Her husband Archibald Chisholm was a Scotsman who served in the army and was 13 years older than Caroline.
Caroline had 6 children named , Archibald, William, Henry, Sydney, Caroline and Monica.

What has been named after her?
Primary school
Catholic school
Nursing home
In the early 1930's her husband Archibald Chisholm got called over to India. Afterwards Caroline joined him.

India was one of the worst poor countries. She couldnt turn a corner and not see a child sleeping in the hallway.

In 1938 Archibald got granted leave and they all moved to Sydney.

They stayed in Windsor and then her husband set off again.
Between 1841 and 1844 she settled more than 14,000 people into NSW
In 1832 at the age 22 she married Archibald Chisholm.

She got married in the church of England.
$5 note
Caroline Chisholm school
The college
The hospital
Nursing Home
The statue is at Goulburn Art Gallery in NSW


She got a certificate from the Medal Order Of Australia
Address: 274 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSW
Located: Liverpool NSW
It is an all girls school which is in Braybook Melbourne
Napoli St, Padstow NSW
There has been a couple
of books that have been written about her. One of them has been written by her best friend Joanna Boggle.
More Facts
There was a sign put on her house to show where she lived.
She was known as a Philantrophist.
Which is someone who promotes the welfare in others.
The end
I hope you enjoyed.
by Tahlia
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