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Giraffe Life Cycle

No description

Lauren Mitchell

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Giraffe Life Cycle

Females reach sexual maturity at 3-4 years
however do not usually breed for another year.
Lifespan in the wild is about 10-15 years however
can survive up to 25 yrs in captivity. Lauren Mitchell
4/5A Giraffe Life Cycle Mating Adulthood Average gestation period for a Giraffe is approximately 15 months.

Mothers usually carry only one baby however twins have been recorded. Gestation Giraffes give birth standing up therefore the baby giraffe falls 2 meters to the ground! Birth The calves rely on their mothers milk for 9-12 months
Solid food (leaves) can be eaten from 4 months because they can chew Growth Giraffes are mammals which give birth to live young.
They do not have a particular mating season. Female Giraffe's
tend to breed every 20-30 months.
Females look for the dominate male to mate with.
If the female likes a male she will rub her neck against his.
If the male likes a female he will nudge her bottom to encourage
her to release urine.
He tastes the urine to see if she is fertile and ready to mate.

The female Giraffe will ultimately decide who she mates with, ignoring any attempts until she is ready to mate. Females however stay until about 18 months - generally close to the family herd. Male calves leave their mothers at about 15 months to join all male groups Males reach sexual maturity at 4-5years however may not breed in the wild until 6-7 yrs due to older males taking priority. Calfs grow quickly and can nearly double in height in their first year
Giraffes are the most vulnerable the first few months - therefore the mothers are very protective.
The calf is introduced to the herd and joins a nursery group so that the mothers can search for food when it is a few weeks old.
Birth weight is around 100 kgs Average height is under 2 meters Females are smaller than males Baby Giraffes are called calfs and they can stand up and run on their own within an hour of birth.
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