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Air Planes Matthew summative assessment

No description


on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Air Planes Matthew summative assessment

Jet Emergency
When a jet gets on fire on flight or it breaks the seat ejects from the jet and a boost pushes the seat a bit higher and the a parachute deploys.
The First Plane
In 1902 THE FIRST PLANE WAS INVENTED! The first plane was made by the Wright Brothers. The plane had little gears so it wouldn't land so hard and break, plus the plane was made of a light material.
Airplane Mechanic
Long ago when a plane was flying someone would go through a part of the turbine and would start fixing it.

Night Hawk
Jump Jets

4th Grade
Ms.Margot Class

The Concorde was one of the fastest plane of transportation of people. When it took off the planes nose would go down 5 degrees, in mid air it's straight and when it lands the nose goes 12 1/2 degrees down.
Black Bird
The black bird can fly around 80,000 feet! Now the black bird is the fastest plane!
Interesting Fact
If a plane has a problem with a engine it can only fly with one of its turbine. The tank fuels of a plane are in the bottom of the wing. The main gear is the back gear because if it lands in the front gear it can easily break.
Jump jets have a special engine that can turn 90 degrees around and pushes the jet up. So that's why they call them jump jets.
The Night Hawk has a infrared sensor on the point of the nose. The sensor works to reflect radars, and radars don't see him. Almost all the plane has stuff to reflect radar so the radars don't see the plane. The pilots have a special helmet so it helps them see faster if any enemy gets close.
How planes changed
Planes changed a lot from years ago because they turned faster and bigger! So that's how they change.
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