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The Renaissance was a time of great change. The causes and results of this time period in Western European history are explained here.

Toni Kinsey

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Renaissance

Renaissance Causes of the Renaissance Results of the Renaissance Trade The Classics The Printing Press Rise of the middle class Health & Peace The Crusades As a result of the
Crusades, Europe
traded with the
Middle East. The Europeans
realized that their culture was backward. They had been living simply while others were surrounded by beauty. Serf-Life of hard work -VS- The Beauty of Constantinople Constantinople In 1453 the Eastern Roman
Empire whose capital was in
Constantinople, fell to the Muslims.
As a result, Greek texts & scholars arrived in Europe. The Europeans learned that
their culture had once been
highly advanced. Gutenberg printing press made
possible the mass printing of
books. For the first time, thinkers could communicate with each other.
People outside of the Church had
access to learning. Florence, Italy
People raised sheep for wool. A textile industry arose. Merchants sold the textiles to Northern Europe, making enormous profits. The wealthy merchants loved their city and became patrons of the arts. They wanted their cities more advanced and beautiful than any other. The Plague
There were massive deaths in 1350, by the time the epidemic came to an end. About 30% of Europe's population had died. The survivors valued life. They started to want life on earth to be good instead of just waiting for the afterlife.
End of War
In Italy the Renaissance started in 1300s. In 1453, the Hundred Years' War came to an end. From then on, England and France could participate in the Renaissance. Joan of Arc
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