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Ocean Acidification

ocean acids prezi

Ocean Acids

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification Problem from the burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is being emitted into the atmosphere and later being absorbed by the oceans causing ocean acidfication as a result of carbon dioxide is affecting the ocean and all marine life factories-the burning of fossil fuels
over use of electricity Environmentalist: environmentalist is a person who helps to protect the environment from destruction and pollution place high values on the environment environmentalists always speak out about our natural environment. they know that even though the environment is important that civilization is more important They study the environment. they are advocates of environmentalism and try to improve upon the environment environmentalists are totally eco-friendly and try to save the universe Chemist over 250 years oceans have absorbed 1/3 of CO2 due to activities oceans absorbed 79 million tons of CO2 released in the atmosphere per day chemists find ways to make chemistry useful, what happens when mixing, new facts about chemicals, and compounds for experiments the pH of the ocean was 8.16 now it is 8.05 and may reach 7.85 in 2100 a slight change in pH is 30% increase in acidity Bioligist the increase in CO2 makes it difficult for ome marine life to build shells. This has rippling effects on the creature and its surrounding habitat and environment someday coral reefs will dissolve faster then they used to grow CO2 is making warmer climates in both the oceans and the land, ultimately affecting all walks of life effects of ocean acidification - -bivalves reduce reproduction and growth
-seagrass has a signifigant photosynthesis increase increase of CO2 slows down protection of forming calcium carbonate skeletons for animals with exoskeletons Health carbon dioxide is known to cause health affects when the concentration exceeds a certain limit as ocean acidification kills fish, this important source of protein declines for humans. in 2006 fish provided 2.9 billion people with at least 15% of their average animal protein intake ocean acidification may affect people living in ocean bordered states a 150% increase in ocean acidity would be undetectable to the average human oceans provide great health benefits for humans including food sources, recreation, and resources for treating diseases. An increase in ocean acidity can eventually pose human health risks. Finance manages the budget use organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer Business and industry consultants put the additional cost of windmills to ratepayers at between $7 billion and $14 billion over 20 years once 1,100 megawatts of wind generation are being whipped up by the ocean turbines. breakwaters offer similar protection against erosion, but they cost up to
US $15 million per km to build The average residential monthly bill for electricity is $95.66 Solution our solution to ocean acidification is... Wind Power it is the cheapest source of electricity how it works:
the wind blows pushing againist the blades making them spin. the blades are connected to a low speed drive shaft. when the blades spin the shafts turn. the shaft is conected to the gear box which increases in speed of motion. the shaft is connected to a generator which produces electricity as it turns. electricity is sent through a cable down the turbine tower to a transmission line. the amount of electricity produced depends on the size of turbines and the speed of wind. an altered acidic ocean weakens all marine creatures ocean absorbs 1/3 of the carbon in the atmosphere A small turbine may power one home, where as a large one could power up to 1,000 homes. a small turbine producing five to fifteen kw per hour can be purchased and installed at home. They save 50% to 90% on the average home's electric bill Reduce CO2 emissions by cutting back on the burning of fossil fuels within our homes. Instead we can use windmills. average person that owns
a wind turbine saves $14.60 per month. that is 15% of their monthly bill breakwaters also require repair in contrast, the protection offered by coral reefs is free, and a healthy reef repairs itself so if wind power is so great then we should use it in factories, generators, and other major CO2 producers M the increase of CO2 in the surface of the ocean affects the waters carbonate system, lowering the pH, decreasing the availability of carbonate ions, and it lowers the saturation state of the major shell forming carbonate minerals. coral reef that has died overtime from the acidity of the ocean ppm- parts per million
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