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Right Behind You

No description

Mitch Gemmola

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Right Behind You

By Mitch Right Behind You Venn Diagram WADE/KIP ME Not A Cannibal Is A Pyromaniac Awesome Not A Pyromaniac A Cannibal Almost Awesome Loves the water/swimming Killed someone
(with fire) Likes Boats Kip/Wade - Main Charcter
Bobby - Kip lit him on fire
The Frown - Kips first psychologist
Carrie - Kip's Dad's new girlfriend
Jack - Kips Dad
Aunt Gemma - Kips Aunt
Mr Schultz - Dave's Dad (school teacher - Indiana)
Ms Strohm - School Teacher (Indiana)
Dave - Kips Best friend (Indiana)
Absolute Cutest - Kips First Girlfriend
Branden, Brendon and Brett - Kids From School (Indiana)
Jessica - Works Coffee Shop/Bookstore (Texas)
Sam - Next Door Teaching Wade To Sail
Dr Martin - Psychologist (Texas) Characters Right Behind You Profile Novel: Right Behind You

Author: Gail Giles

Published: Hachette Australia 2008

Genre: Murder - Juvenile Fiction

Reading Age: 15-20

Setting: Anchorage, Indiana, Texas 1. Bobby Clarke said to kip that his glove was the best and that he didn't have a mother to buy him one that is what made kip so angry.
2. Kip Stayed in a 'near catatonic state' for about 5 weeks.
3. Kips voice sounded rusty because he hadn't talked at all for 5 weeks and it is like other things that if you have a break, you may not be able to do it as well again straight away.
4. 'TwoFer' - Ten year old whose father pimped him to other men since the age of six. Imprisoned for stabbing one of the 'clients' and his father during a transaction. Cowboy - Shot up his school in Alaska because he thought it would be an 'easy path to stardom'. Slice 'N' Dice - Into retro and talked like a 'Miami Vice Rerun'. Imprisoned for dismembering neighbor's pets and stashing the parts in their houses to provide them with a 'macabre kind of Easter egg hunt'.
5. Kip passed the time in lock down by sleeping, reading books and 'biting the gorilla'.
6. The term redirect means to Direct (something) to a new or different place or purpose. It comes from a phrase in anger management classes.
7. Kips mother taught him that when you read a book you question it.
8. Abandonment - to give up; discontinue; withdraw from.
Humiliation - an act or instance of humiliating or being humiliated.
Numbnuts - The stupidest of the stupid. A complete dumbass, one whose intelligence quotient does
not surpass that of the average rock. Comprehension Part 1
Alaska Comprehension Part 2
Indiana 1. Kip's new name is Wade and he is now living in Whitestone, Indiana.
2. In his first English class Wade was asked questions about Alaska like "Did you live in an igloo?", "Have you ever seen a polar bear?" and "How cold does it get in Alaska?".
3. In Gym class wade went for a shower and some kids stole his clothes so he had to borrow some from the teacher.
4. Wade got some respect from the kids at school by wearing the clothes he was given and not showing any embarrassment.
5. Dr. Lyman thinks Wade accepted the stolen clothes incident well because he showed everybody that he wasn't embarrassed and he didn't really care.
6. Grant is Carries ex-stepdad who she really likes and hasn't seen in a while. She is worried that she hasn't heard from him because she cares about him and usually he sends an e-mail regularly.
7. Coach Tullings really good idea was for Wade to join the swimming team.
8. Grant left Carrie in his will his old beach house in Lake Jackson, Texas. Comprehension Part 3
Texas 1. The name of the town in Texas is Lake Jackson.
2. A hobie cat is a boat like a catamaran.
3. Italics is a type of font that is usually used when showing someones thoughts. It was used in "Right Behind You" when Sam is 'talking'.
4. Wade's Five responses to Jessica's statement are 1. he was brought up to be polite. 2. most of the other movies are about bombings killings and explosions and he doesn't like those movies. 3. He does like movies about sports but none were playing that night. 4. The woman in that movie was hot. 5. He gave up trying too hard a while back.
5. Nirvana means Liberation of the soul from the effects of karma and from bodily existence.
6. Dr. Martin is described to look pudgy with thinning blonde hair and his approach is different to other shrinks because he is more straight forward.
7. Wade found out that TwoFer, Slice and the guy that lit his cat on fire had all died.
8. Jessica tells wade that Sam used to have a really bad drinking problem and that she used to sleep with anyone who would give her some alcohol.
9. Wade gives nicknames to everyone because he thinks that if he uses their real names he will become too attached.
10. Wade decided to tell Sam because he thought that he took too long to tell everyone in Indiana and that's what went wrong he also thinks that he has to tell her before their friendship goes any further. Quotes THE FROWN Kips Father
Jack Carrie Kip/Wade Dr Martin Sam Therapists Dave "Feeding the hungry ghost"
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