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By: Dominic and Derrick

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Dominic and Derrick

By:Gio and Derrick
kind,helpful,old and magical
ONE day on st. Patrick's day Lucy and Luther were swinging on the swing at the park.They saw a bush moving so they went to see what was behind the bush and saw a tiny old leprechaun.

In the afternoon, Lucy, Luther, and Patrick had a minty cookie and played "spot the leprechaun". The cookie was so minty. Patrick loved it but Lucy and Luther did not like it.
Patrick told Lucy and Luther that no one found his gold. Lucy thinks that he is clever.
At night Patrick had to stay the night because the rain bow was not there.
In the morning Patrick was gone and there was a good bye note from Patrick. It said 'thank's for letting me stay the night" love Patrick!
Luther and Lucy wish that Patrick could come for next st. Patrickday!
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