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University of Michigan

No description

david Hughes

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of University of Michigan

The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA Table of Contents:
Slide 1: College name and seal
Slide 2: T.O.C
Slide 3: Location
Slide 4: Type of school
Slide 5: Student body
Slide 6: Academic Departments
Slide 7: Costs
Slide 8: Financial aid
Slide 9: History
Slide 10: Misc.
Slide 11: Did you know...?
Slide 12: For more information... Location City name: Ann Arbor
City population: Approximately 115,000 people.
Average Temperatures
Summer: High: 81 degrees Low: 60.3 degrees
Fall: High: 60.7 degrees Low: 42.3 degrees
Winter: High: 33 degrees Low: 19.3 degrees
Spring: High: 58 degrees Low: 37.3 degree Type of school 4 year school
Public school
It is coed
Bachelors, masters and doctoral The Student body! Undergraduates: 27,407
Graduate: 15,309 Academic Departments Costs In-state: $26,668
Out-of-state: $52,796 out of 42,716 19,286
receive Financial Aid History Founding date: 1817
The Detroit observatory was created In 1854.
Woman were admitted into Michigan in 1870.
The first university hospital was created in 1869. MISC. Mascot: Wolverine
Colors: Blue and maize
School song: “The Victors” Did you know...? The campus is compromised of 210 acres.
The Michigan football team won their first championship in 1901 and then won the next 3 years.
Dr. Taft founded the national 4 year plan in 1901. For more information 45% Architecture & Urban Planning
Art & Design
Graduate Studies, Rackham School of
Information, School of
Literature, Science, and the Arts
Music, Theatre & Dance
Natural Resources & Environment
Officer Education Programs
Public Health
Public Policy
Social Work
Campuses http://www.umich.edu/
 ecredentials@umich.edu Sources:
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