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Husk-E I.D.

Brian Martinez, Marlon Raju, Brian Martinez, Nara Madabushi, Bryan Hilversum

Seung Jae Baek

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Husk-E I.D.

The Walk Around Campus...
With your HuskE-I.D.

University of Connecticut Campus
The Electronic Student ID
Husk E-I.D. Issues and Alternatives
-Deviate away from using a plastic ID

-Easier access to your personal identification card.

-Costly Savings for the University

-No need to print thousands of new plastic cards
-Sign into class for attendance with a simple scan of your electronic ID.

- Is the professor skeptical?
- Show them your electronic ID to verify you are that student.

-Log into computers to study or write those term papers.
Is it exam time?
Off Campus and On Campus Retail Experience
-Reserve class textbooks by scanning IBSN codes using
the E-ID application. That way the book store can have books ready at the counter before hand.

-Buy UCONN merchandise and apparel using a online shop linked to the E-ID

-E-IDs will provide a tax exemption for any ID holders at the Co-Op and book store.
CO-OP and Book Store Hassle Free Visits
- Move from department to department on campus with your phone

- Access your dormitory with your phone.

-Use your electronic ID to purchase items in retail stores on campus.

-Elevator keys can be used on your phone as well

-Any public entrance way after hours require a Identification based
entry on campus.
- Reserve books at the library and check out with your electronic ID.

-Print class papers by using a simple touch of your phone to payment stations .

-Add Husky Bucks on your phone and use it anywhere that accepts
Husky Bucks as a payment.

-Log into computers on campus by just pairing your phone.
-Use of the fitness facilities require an electronic check in point with your personal
your personal electronic ID.

-Rent equipment and fitness studios by simply
reserving spots right on your ID app.

-Schedule open gym time with your phone for
interscholastic leagues.

-Check availability of the field house as well
Dining halls on campus will require a check in point with your
personal electronic ID as well.

-Swipe into the dining hall or order food on your phone
before hand to eliminate waiting time and lines.

-Use your ID to pre-order food in between classes.

-Guest swipes for visiting friends and families can easily be
budgeted on your personal E-ID.
How it Works
- Download the app
in the app store.
-Log in with your
Peoplesoft ID number
and password
-Load husky bucks
-Upload your University
sanctioned profile picture
-All general information about yourself
will be loaded by the university's
-Must use a personal identification code
every scan of the electronic ID.
-Electronic ID friendly stations will be
paired with the phone using a blue tooth
or wireless ad-hoc connectivity.
-It will have QR code compatibility that
is used for personal identification.
The Student Athlete and Fanbase Benefits
-Students are now able to reserve tickets for venues
provided by the university.

-Buy tickets for future events such as basketball games and spring concerts directly using the E-ID.

-Buy food and refreshments at concession stands

-Check into the student section to cheer for your team
Also have exclusive access to venues.
Other Benefits of always having your student ID on your phone
- The advantages of having an E-ID may vary at
certain venues.

-Bowling alleys, ski resorts, retail stores, movie theaters etc.

-Most establishments honor a student rate for goods
and services.
-On average 1 blank PVC plastic ID cards are about
7.99-8.99 dollars.

-Students that attend the University is about 23000 to
24000 students.

-Every year new 3000-3200 freshmen students attend
the university.

-ID printers are around 10,000 to 15,000 dollars a unit.

-The expense for the toner and ribbons to create IDs are
on average 150 dollars to produce 500 cards.
- Retail establishments on and off campus provide students with
discountable goods and services for easy access with the E-ID.

-Students can now closely review transactions made on their E-ID
and student accounts. It provides electronic receipts as well.

-Students are able to enjoy many student based activities at the
student union with E-ID cards as source of payment.
-If your device happens to run out of battery you can set a timer at a certain time and date for your dormitory door to open.
-If you set your dormitory door to be temporarily unlocked at a certain time before your phone battery dying you have access to a check point without your phone.
-The window of opportunity to access that check point is 10 seconds from your preset time.
-All students are able to print their personal QR code on the student administrative page as a back up ID.
-This QR code is only for dormitory entry, and is restricted to minimal use.
-The ITT department at the university will be granted more funding through the money saved by not printing PVC IDs.
Development & Launch
-The development of the application would be simple as a
third party secure log in for Student's administrative
profile for the University.
-Access points for QR readers and Near Field Communication
check points have to be set in place at every station where
it requires the use of a student I.D.
-Students have to log in on peoplesoft and request the use
of an eID.
-Secure ad-hoc connectivity can be used under strict
University guidelines under personal identity.
Development & Launch
-Application designers will have to coordinate
university sanctioned scheme.
-First would be student log in page using peoplesoft
number and password.
-Once logged in, students are able to access usage
history of his or her card. Check Balances for funds, and keep track of meal plans.
-Students will be able to verify where they can access
their cards other than on the campus as well.
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