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We Got Food!

fast-food restaurant

Craig McIntosh

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of We Got Food!

"We Got Food"!! Marketings: Financing: Competition: Business: Costumers: I need money!! Billboards Radio Boradcasters I'm going to beg people for money until I get it. Then I will spend it very wisely and make my company flurish. I will only use a little money on advertising. I feel that if people don't wan't to come to my restaurant, I can't make them and advertising isn't going to help. My customers will range from all types of people. It could be for poor people needing a cheep lunch, or rich people with little time to stop for something to eat. I know there's already a big competition in between fast-food franchises, but my business will be completely different than the others with numerous drive through lanes, and no place to sit down and eat. My business will be a fast-food restaraunt, but will be completly different then that of others. It will have 3 or 4 drive-through lanes, and no place to eat inside. this will give us more room for a kitchen, meaning we can work faster, and less time for the customers to wait in lanes. There will be a tented place outside for customers that wan't to stop to eat at. Food R' Us
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