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Chris van Styn

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of ENG 1

'Catcher' TEEAL Paragraphs

'The Catcher in the Rye' presents a complex adult world where phoniness is seen as normal behaviour. Discuss in relation to several characters within the text.
Holden despises anyone who is false or ‘phoney’.

His hatred of phonies runs deep and causes him to judge them quickly and harshly.
Holden’s loathing of phoniness cause him to turn on his brother in the early stages of the text describing him as a ‘prostitute’ for selling out to the film industry.
For Holden to be able to judge his brother so harshly, demonstrates that he has very black and white ideas about the world. To Holden, either someone is good, and fits in with his ideas about what a person should be like, or bad and therefore disagrees with his ideas of what a person should be like. In his mind, he is always right and gets frustrated that those around do not think or perceive the world in the same way

It was clear that Holden’s views on phoniness where concrete; there was no getting away from his judgement, regardless of who you were.

Van Styn
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