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No description

Sara Spille

on 17 March 2015

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Topic 3
National Retailer
Styles range from Boutique to Warehouse spaces
Services include: On-site support, Pre-media, Design, Multi-Discipline Print, Fabrication, Print-on-Demand, Kit-Pack, Fulfillment & Distribution
Monthly campaigns & additions
Regional and National campaigns
Leadville Hollow, PA.
Temporary "Pencil" Pedestal Wraps to fit existing fixtures.
Static Cling/Cut Vinyl Window Decals
Offset Litho Printed Backer Paper & Tray/Shelf Liners
Printed Router-Cut EPVC Logo Graphics
Self-Easel, Litho Printed Price Point Shelf Signs
Heat Bent Acrylic & Vacuum-Formed Base & Upright
Injected Molded & Painted 3-D Pencil Ends
Online Catalog-Based Ordering
Fulfillment and Distribution = 170,000 sq. ft.
Tracking & Inventory Management Systems
New Store & Replenishment Services
Ability to Consolidate Merchandising Materials

Custom Designed Shippers and Inner-Packs
Prototypes & Testing
Unmatched Retail Experience
Extensive Distribution Itemization Capabilities to match Store Variations

Dimensional Foam Wall Lugs
Rigid Foam-Board Decor Graphics
Printed Corrugated PDQ Trays
2-Piece Solvent Welded Vacuumed Formed Pencil Columns
Litho Printed Folding Carton Merchandising Trays
Slip Resistant Floor Graphic
Digital, Screen, and Offset Printed Options
Vacuum-Formed Headers & Bases with Screen Printed Graphics
Bent Wire & Powder Coated Metal with Pressure Sensitive Label Graphics
Vacuum-Formed Columns (or Corrugated for Temporary Option)
Mix of Temporary & Permanent Elements to Retrofit Gondola Endcap Units
Custom-Sized Digitally Printed Valence Wallpaper
Milled & Painted Wood Stand with Molded Easel Frame for Interchangeable Graphics
Black- Core Foam Board
Screen Printed & Router Cut Way-Finding Signage
Award winning Creative
Litho Print
Digital Print
Screen Print
Store Profiling
Advanced Print Stream Software
Multi-Plant Operation with Built-In Redundancy
Project Management Team
Peggy Koeppe - Account Director
Judy Middlestetter - Production Planner - Lead Print Planner and Large Format Elements
Shelly Leggett - Production Planner - Small Format Elements
Matt Norton - Production Planner - Fabrication and Packing
Supervision Team
Neil Timmons - Director of Client Service - Fabrication and Packing
Keith Whisler - Director of Client Service - Graphics
Steve Zick - SVP/General Manager - Graphics
ISO 9001:2008 certified workflow
G7 Master Printer (4 G7 experts on staff)
In-house Ink Labs
Spectrodensitometers at Press
Presented to:
Category Management
Sign Storage Solution
Signage and Re-usablity
Centrally Located - Cincinnati, Ohio
Asset-based Organization - Offset, Digital, Screen Printing
Temporary & Permanent Displays
Extensive Design Capabilities
Full-Service Pre-media, Store-profiling, Fulfillment Operations
500+ Employees, 700,000 sq. ft.
Quality Driven Organization

Thank you for your time and attention!
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