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Middle School Internet Safety

No description

Kayla Polette

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Middle School Internet Safety

How many of you have one or more
social networking sites?

How old were you when you first became
a part of a social network?

How often do you check your personal site? What is a social networking site? What are some of the
POSITIVE aspects of social networking sites? What are the some of the NEGATIVE aspects of social networking sites? •Personal information is publicized
•Pictures can be altered
•Cyber bullying
•Stranger danger and sexual predators
•Unlimited public access DID YOU KNOW??? More than 71% of teens have an online profiles on social networking sites.

Almost half (47%) have no privacy settings and can be viewed publicly.

Is YOUR site private or
open to the public? •Virtual communities
•Chats and journal
•Current event updates
•Videos and games
•Music and Photos
•Personal unique profile
•Keep up with old friends http://www.nsteens.org/Videos/SocialNetworking What are other students
YOUR age thinking? Assignment :) In pairs, use the template to create
an unsafe profile page for a made up

When you are finished use the same
fictional person to create a safe and
ideal profile page. How many social networking sites can you name? What do you think? Reflection With your partner answer the following
questions about internet safety and
personal web pages. •List 3 things you learned from the video or your assignment.
•Why is it important to keep your personal web pages clean and appropriate?
•What could you do to teach internet safety to someone younger than you ?

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