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Alex & Ryan W3

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Alex & Ryan W3

Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons is an American alternative rock band which started in 2008 that gained popularity after their debut album, Night Visions was released. The band mostly plays Alternative rock, indie rock, and electronic rock. The band consists of Ben Mckee, Wayne Sermon, Dan Reynolds, and Dan Platzman. We could not find their ages. The band plays guitar, bass, keyboards, cello, viola, drums, and piano. Their singles Radioactive, and Demons can be heard on many radio stations such as 106.1 BLI.
Radioactive Info
Project Conclusion
Alex & Ryan

Pitch Low
Dynamics Meso Forte
Tempo Adante
Timbre Rage,

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Radioactive had four people involved.Dan Reynolds sang vocals, and played percussion. Wayne Sermon played the guitar. Ben McKee played the bass. Finally,
Daniel Platzman played the drums, and viola. Our group chose this song because it was one of the song we both liked and could agree on. There are a couple interesting facts about Imagine Dragons as a band. They have many additional mucisians that not many knew about. Andrew Tolman, Brittany Tolman, J Browz, Jonathan Vears, and Benjamin Maughan. They all played minor roles usually on one or two tracks. The album also actually had 21 tracks opposed to the 13 on itunes. With all 21 available on the European and Australian Deluxe edition. It topped as first on 3 different charts, Scottish albums, top rock, and top alternative. A few other band that produce similar sounding songs are Green Day, Linkin Park e.t.c

Imagine Dragons is an alternative rock band that mostly performs alt, indie, and electric rock. They have 4 major members, which are very successful and play the viola, electric guitar, and drums. Their album "Night Visions" has reached the top charts all around the globe.
-Google Images
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