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Mod3 Team6 Green IT

MSMIT Project: Mod3 Team6 Structure: 1. BLUF 2. Definition, Impact, and Approaches 3. Business Case of Green IT initiative 4. Yahoo Case 5. Future of Green IT and Recommendations

H Patel

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Mod3 Team6 Green IT

Provides cost savings while promoting brand name, improving public relations, and creating positive environmental change The holistic approach of how IT integrates into the enterprise during the full lifecycle of sourcing, operations, and disposal in a manner such that people, profits, and the planet are positively impacted Environmentally Sustainable Computing Ratio of CO2 Emissions by IT Products What is Green IT? Going Green Why Green IT? Green of IT Green by IT SMART approach to savings ICT can reduce CO2 emissions by 13%-22% nationally SMART approach to savings by ICT
S=Standardize; M=Monitor; A=Account; R=Rethink; T=Transform SMART approach to savings S=StandardizeM=Monitor A=Account R=Rethink T=Transform Two Keys to Success Management Buy-in Management Board Culture Change Green IT Future of Green IT & Recommendations the low fruit has been picked no golden apple enterprise view
of initiative smart green green can make green viable consumer energy
storage green lifecycle reduce costs new revenue stream increase brand equity corporate citizenship Greening Data Centers Consume intelligently
Consolidate systems
Manage storage resources
Invest in a green infrastructure
Consolidate data footprint Cost Drives Innovation Reduced footprint Lower Costs Sustainability Innovative technology Cold-aisle containment system “Podules” Air isolation Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.21 Data Center Heaven? Yahoo! Computing Coop $150 million, 30 acres,  5 structures
50,000 servers   
15 megawatts of power “Today, we’re committing to reduce the carbon intensity of our data centers by at least 40% by 2014.“
David Filo, Chief Yahoo, June 2009 Green IT Could it depend on where you are? 1E provides "Night Watchman," an integrated solution for power management.

Clients save money on energy and reduce carbon footprints.

$530 million in energy savings

5.6 million megawatts electricity or 4 million mectric tons of CO2 emissions “We were spending obscene amounts on infrastructure. Our power consumption was doubling every 10 months, and that was just a shocker. We started to look at energy consumption in a very different way."

Adam Bechtel
Chief Architect of Data Center Operations “There’s an assumption that green costs more to build, but a lot of those assumptions aren’t always correct.“

Christina Page Chuck the Cup Initiative Green Screens 300 Member CFT Eco-Friendly Corporate Citizens
http://green.yahoo.com/ Commute Alternatives Program

Purple Recycling Bins Yahoo! Green
Carbon Counter
18seconds.org Recycled water for landscape irrigation
30% post-consumer recycled paper in all offices
Reduction of 180,000 lbs of materials used per year
Electronic waste collected and sorted for reuse/recycling
Reduction in paper consumption from 1.6 million to 750,000 sheets per month
tighter integration,
chance for IT to
be business partner Recommendations According to an October 2010 Reuters report, Asia-Pacific companies are concerned that legislature will affect financial performance and limit their ability to raise capital.

Standard & Poor's along with RepuTex,
41% of respondents reported that carbon regulations were affecting fund-raising activity. Business Case Parker Hannifan
$600K & > 6 million kw

$1.2 million & CO2 emission 16K - 25K metric tons annually

$1.0 million & > 7 million kw European companies are more conscious of the social stigma of not going green.

Instead of burdening consumers, Europe requires the IT industry to provide recycling programs, resulting in "takeback" initiatives by makers of electronics ICT stands to abate 7.8 metric gigatons globally “The fact that we're committed as an environmentally responsible organization internally is a foundation of credibility that we use to reach out to our 500 million users.”

Christina Page
Director of Climate and Energy Strategy Current global emission by ICT accounts for 0.87 metric gigaton per year, expected to rise to 1.5 metric gigatons by 2020. ICT produces almost 3% of the world’s CO2 emission
35% telco infrastructures
65% data centers and terminals 1 gigaton = 1 billion tons; 1 gigaton = 2 trillion pounds Cost Savings 2010 CDW Energy Efficiency IT Report

61% of respondents recognized the need to reduce expenditures on data center hardware, software, and operations.

60% want to reduce energy consumption. Forrester (March 2008)

The market for green IT services is expected to reach $4.8 billion in 2013, a 60% growth rate year over year. Green IT is a high priority, but less of a driving factor than cutting costs. Storage Expo 2008

70% of survey respondents said green IT and efficiency are priorities, as long as they save money. Legislation Lag A newly released study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance indicates that global subsidies for fossil fuels far outpace support for renewable energy sources. The New York Times reports that Europe is reducing low-carbon energy subsidies and budgets even while simultaneously seeking tougher emission reductions $43-46 billion to support renewable energy

Tax credits
Guaranteed electricity prices
Alternative energy credits $$$Fossil Fuel Subsidies$$$

$557 billion “Significantly reducing our electricity usage is not only good for the environment, but also good for our bottom line, giving Yahoo a competitive advantage.”

David Dibble
Executive VP of Service Engineering and Operations $100 million in energy savings over 15 years
Near zero cooling bill
40% less energy and 95% less water
PUE ratio of 1.08 "It's replicable and radically efficient. It's a mass-production approach in terms of efficiency and manufacturing."
Christina Page Tier 1 or Tier 2 data center--guarantees between 99.671% and 99.741% availability
Cost approximately $5 million/mw versus Tier 3 at $10-15 million/mw
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