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Life in the Trenches

World War I Trenches

caleb Moran

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Life in the Trenches

By: Caleb Moran, Alexis Schroeder, and Becca Mawn Life in the Trenches Daily Routine Disease in the Trenches Morning:
Stand to
Equipment cleaned
daily tasks assigned Christmas Truce of 1914 Evening:
evening tasks
dinner Dysentery Body Lice Pyrrexhia Living Conditions Trench Foot Trench Mouth Christmas Day Christmas Eve Inflammation of the lining of the large intestines Germans crossed no mans' land
Shook hands
Exchanged presents
Sang Christmas carols
Played soccer Body lice, carried typhus and pyrrexhia Includes extremely high fever "For the time being, all the horrors and discomforts of the war seemed to be forgotten. The Christmas spirit was in the air." - Lieutenant Kennedy The End Infection in the foot caused by cold wet & insanitary conditions Infection of the mouth and throat Sang Christmas carols Alcohol:
300 gallons of rum/20,000 men Sleeping:
soldiers slept on the floor with no pillows or blankets. Latrines: pits 4-5 feet deep Food:
Bristish- 10 oz of meat 8 oz of vegetables at the begining
Western Front- Caned corn beef, bread, and biscuits
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