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N!gga(er) Certification Program

Eddie Moore Jr

on 2 January 2018

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Transcript of PoCC2017N!GGA(er)

"Most Individuals are plastic to the molding force of the society into which they are born!"
-Ruth Benedict
Interactive Exercise One
The billboard in front of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar uses the “N-word” to refer to the President. The sign reads, “I do not support the Nig*er in the White House.”

ESPN.com's mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin (New York Knicks) on February 18, 2012.

Interactive Exercise Two

The etymology of nigger can be traced back to 1587 as the word negar and probably originated with the dialectal pronunciation of the word negro in northern England and Ireland (an alteration of the Latin word niger). Niger became the noun negro in English and was used to refer to a black person – and also means the color black in Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Where did nigger come from?
In Early Modern French niger became negre and one can compare negre – and earlier English variants such as negar, neegar, neger, and niggor – to nigger because it is likely that nigger is a phonetic spelling of the white Southern mispronunciation of negro. Whatever its origins, by the early 1800s the word nigger was firmly established as a denigrating epithet.

Where did nigger come from, cont’d…
•Niggerlipping (v.): Wetting the end of a cigarette while smoking it.
•Nigger luck (n.): Exceptionally good luck (emphasis on undeserved).
•Nigger heaven (n.): a designated place (usually the balcony) where blacks were forced to sit (e.g. in an integrated movie theater or church).
•Nigger knocker (n.): axe handle or weapon made from an axe handle.
•Nigger rich (adj.): Deeply in debt but ostentatious.
•Nigger stick (n.): a police baton.
•Nigger tip (n.): leaving a small tip or no tip in a restaurant.
•Nigger work (n.): Demeaning, menial tasks.
The word nigger carries with it much of the hatred and repulsion directed toward Africans and African Americans. Historically, nigger defined, limited, and mocked African Americans. It was a term of exclusion and verbal justification for discrimination. Whether used as a noun, verb, or adjective, it reinforced the stereotype of the lazy, stupid, dirty, worthless parasite:

Nigger defined:
everyday language...
Black ghetto tattoos hennessy
Pathetic white bling-bling
Braids AF1s swagga dreads
Baggy pants white tee lots of babies
Big lips doo-rag rap
Loud hat2da back
Dirty gold teeth waves
Ignorant hip-hop attitude
The N!gga(er) Image
The “White Print” (Niggarized)
What realities do you see in the films (music)?
How relevant are the film clips (songs) to you?
Is N!gga(er) comedy/entertainment/music for you? Are these new minstrel shows?
How have you/your family been impacted or treated for N!gga(er) Trauma?
What has been the national/world impact of N!gga(er)?
N!gga(er): Critical Perspectives and Moore Questions?
Nigga (er) and Films

The Niggar Family

Def Poetry - Julian Curry - Niggers Niggas & Niggaz

“We may not have polluted the air, but we need to take responsibility, along with
others, for cleaning it up.”
Beverly Tatum

Def Poetry - Daniel Beaty - Duality Duel
Black ghetto tattoos hennessy
Pathetic bling-bling AF1s rap
Braids swagga dreads
Baggy pants white tees lots of babies
Big lips doo-rag Loud hat2da back
Dirty gold teeth waves attitude
Ignorant hip-hop
The N!gga(er) Image
A N!gga(er) Entered The Room
Where did your picture come from?
Is it different than your parents/family?
How/Why has it lasted so long?
Bonus: The CSI Investigation (Zimmerman)
*I'm not a racist!
The Spread of N!gga/(er) in Society: *Education, *Pop-Culture *Politics, *Families, *Friends and MOORE

How does it feel to say/hear N!gga(er)?
Has this feeling changed over the years?
Should some (whites) ever say N!gga(er)?
Is Hip-Hop/Media the reason/blame?
Can you turn poison into kool-aid?
What are you willing to do?
"No person can put a chain about the ankle of another [person] without at last finding the other end fastened about his [or her] own neck."
Frederick Douglass 1883
Other Reflection Question?
What is the Future of N!gga(er)?

College Scene
N!gga(er) Policy Impact/Influence
HS Students
field trips
personal achievement gap
The Guide for White Women Teaching Black Boys
Eddie. Set. Connect.
Eddie Moore Jr., PhD
Founder, The White Privilege Conference
Founder/Consultant, America & MOORE, LLC
twitter: @eddieknowsmoore
instagram: eddiemoorejr
Pronouns: He/His/Him
N!gga(er)... Is There a Message in the Madness?
amy pascal and scott rudin
Nigga Impact
Moore Powerful/Dangerous?
Dress Up
Leader. Creator. Policy Maker. Entrepreneur. Educator. & Moore...I'm not your "Nigga(er)"

The Niggar Family

Joyner Lucas: I'm Not Racist...
Every Word Doesn't Belong to Everyone...
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