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Mintra's first Prezi

No description

Mintra Minte

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Mintra's first Prezi

Food : Noddle
It's easy to find and delicious.
Drinking : Milk Greentea
Pet : Dog
My Favourite:P
Wow !
Hello everyone !
My family:)
Nickname: Mintra.
My name is
My mom
My Sis

She is cheerfulฟ
and kind.
she is kind
and helpful.
kindergarten :
primary education :
Junior high school education :

Chumchonbankaeng school
Uttaradit Rajabhat University Demonstration school
Princess Chulabhon's College Phitsanulok
Now, I studying in
Uttaradit School
It's freshy.
It's cute and easy to alimentใ
Music : Pop and Pop dance
Singer : Twice and Taeyeonฟำัำนื
They are beautiful and talented.
Generality,It's good meaning,good sound and funny.
From Mintra to everyone:D
Thank U for:-D
Audio : Pen-Pineapple-
Apple-Pen -PPAP Song
(original) PIKO-TARO
VDO : After Effects แนะนำตัวเอง
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