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New Ground

New Ground is a non-profit organization committed to assisting homeless families and veterans to become self-sufficient.

Cvetelina Raeva

on 28 April 2012

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Transcript of New Ground

Overview of New Ground
New Ground
"We Educate, We Empower!"
• Founded in 1991 by Mairead M Barrett in LI

• Committed to helping homeless families and veterans become self-sufficient

• Works at eliminating the root of homelessness

• Provides educational, technical and emotional support

• Identifies at-risk families and sets them up with long-term affordable housing
• The organization has an additional program for army Veterans, known as the Catherine Martin Inn Program for Veterans

• Operated in maximum capacity 150 people - 25 families and 7 veterans
Overview Continued
Evaluation and Control
Current Situation
Real Estate Market Analysis
80% of all families in the Long Term Housing Program achieved outlined goals for self-suficiency

100% of families increased their household income while in the Long Term Housing Program

100% of New Ground children were promoted to the next grade level

90% of able-bodied adults that are capable of employment (not disabled) are currently working.

Over 50 families on the wait list to join New Ground
Facebook Likes and "Talking about this"
Changes in donations
Internship Applications
Participation in Events
Number of "On Lawn" Post
Surveys and Clients Feedback
3,271 homeless
1721 households
Real Estate Market Analysis
Current Median List Price
Sold Property Counts
Matthew Kelly
Ece Firat
Ksenia Mikhaylova
Cvetelina Raeva
Current Situation Analysis

Education is crucial to obtaining a job
More advertising
Staff needs training to reach full potential
The programs for children - A child who is educated and given attention will do better than one without
Financial Position
Nonprofit Organizations
New Ground
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Nonprofit organization average financials:
40% donations
25% government grants
Program service fees 35% of total revenues
45% of its budget comes from fund raising (November Gala)
55% comes through grants and contracts with government agencies
Unpredictable and Unstable

Obtaining more charitable donations
Raffle and Lottery tickets
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Improve managerial abilities and leadership skills
Hank Greve - Treasurer of New Ground
Certified CPA owning his own Accounting firm
Bring in people to volunteer for New Ground as financial mentors
Expand Housing
E-newsletter and Direct Mail Fundraising
Silicone bracelets, Bumper Stickers and "On-lawn Posts"
Google Grants/ AdWords
Social Media
Apartment Complex
New Location
Expand Services
Monhly collection for household needs
Math/English/Sports Program
Spring Gala

Dress for Success International Non-for-Profit Organization
Founded in 1996
Offices in over 75 cities; 9 oversees
Serving more than 45,000 women
College Partnerships
Career Fair/Career Center
Interview Skills
Internship Opportunities
Athletics Department
St. John's Sports Day-Clinic
Thank you!
... small
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