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Global Studies

Natalie Showers-Lewis

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Natalie

Mandarin History Became dominant in in 20th century Qing Dynasty, 17th century, began to provide schools to teach Mandarin Basic Info Spoken by more than 730 million Official language of China Based on the Beijing dialect Word Formation many polysyllabic words words are made by combinging words
->homophones Example:
typewriter =
1. to strike
2. character
3. machine subject-verb-object language Pinyin Natalie Showers-Lewis Pinyin is the most common way to write in Mandarin. It is literally writing sounded out words. Example of Pinyin: Examples of Mandarin: Mandarin Chinese should be aspect of Chinese culture that is preserve because it is their uniting language. Without this language, they would have no means of communicating.
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