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my birthday

No description

Mr Duke!

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of my birthday

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my birthday
my toys
The toys i got on my birthday were a robot dinosaur a mega Nerf gun sniper. A Bugatti, star wars battle front and the destiny bounty lego
my party
At my i went to Quazer had so much fun there. All my friend came to my party. there was to teams the red the blue. the blue was the best team because they had the height advantage. but every one got to have a turn on each team.

The food
On birthday i was very happy on what i got on my birthday.
After both games we had lunch . the lunch was very good. After that we had my cake my cake the flavor of the cake was carrot it was very tasty. The frosting of the cake was white and he pictures on the cake were 007. That was my eighth birthday
Thank you listening
By Kyras
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