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MLA Format - A How To Guide

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Tyson Huffman

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of MLA Format - A How To Guide

MLA 7th Edition - A How To Guide
Setting up the document format
Your paper should look like this
In-Text Citations
Parenthetical References
(meaning in parenthesis)
Parenthetical citations depend on the type of source used (e.g. print, web, dvd)
Signal word in text will correspond with the first word in your works cited.
Works Cited Page
MLA Format Includes:
Document Format
In-text citations
Works Cited Page
General Guidelines
Type on 8.5" by 11" paper
Double-space the entire document
Use 12pt. Times New Roman font
Single space after punctuation
1" margins on all sides of paper
Indent the first line of paragraphs to .5"
Add a Header
1. Double click in the header (blank area at the top of the page). The hold ctrl and tap "R".
2. Type your last name and a space
3. on the insert tab, click
page number
current position
plain number
Build a Heading
In the upper left hand corner of the first page, add:
First Last

Instructors name

Course name

Maximilien Robespierre

Mr. Rogers


September 5, 1793
Author-Page Style
Print Source with Author
Corresponding Works Cited Entry:
Burke, Kenneth. Language as Symbolic Action: Essays
on Life, Literature, and Method. Berkeley: U of
California P, 1966. Print.
Citing an Unknown Author
Corresponding Works Cited Entry:
“The Impact of Global Warming in North America.”
Global Warming: Early Signs. 1999. Web. 23 Mar.
Internet Sources
Short Quotations
If your instructor would like to modify MLA format, they may. Pay close attention to what your instructor asks for.
A rule to remember
A rule to remember
Your instructor may ask for a modified MLA style. Pay close attention to what your instructor wants.
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