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Copy of Back to School Night

No description

Rachel Rosenberg

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Back to School Night

Class Overview IRT (Individual Reading Time)
Independent novel; student choice
Every day, between 5 - 20 minutes
Promotes reading fluency
Builds a literary background
Take home book Grade Breakdown:
Tests/Major Projects/Papers - 40%
Daily Work - 30%
Quizzes - 20%
Homework - 10%
Math- McGraw Hill
Science- McGraw Hill
Social Studies- McGraw Hill
English- McGraw Hill
Literature- personal collection of short stories
Spelling- words taken from Literature stories, Social Studies, and Science Positive reinforcements to class as a whole
I am waiting for ___ more friends
Personal Warning
Public Warning
Seating plan
One School note
Phone call home Homework
Given to reinforce lessons taught in class
Will be checked and reviewed the day it is due
If it is not completed, the student will get a late grade
Every day it is late, the grade will drop a 1/3 of letter grade. Technology Family Access and Skyward grades Students will be shown how to get on skyward and send me an email. They will also learn how to print and save which will help them with the activities we do in class. Events, news letters, and important information listed on:

www.thirdgradefun.edu Students and parents should feel free to email me with questions about assignments. I check my email every day before school and several times during the day.
September 10th- Trip to Botanical Gardens
October 21st- Trip to Pumpkin Patch
November 20th- Thanksgiving Festival
December 6th- Art Fair
January 10th-12th- Basketball Tournament
February 12th- Spelling Bee
March 3rd- Play at the Milwaukee Rep.
April 23rd- Trip to the Zoo
May 5th- Science Fair
June 11th-Pizza Party Welcome to
Back-to-School Night Ms. Rachel Rosenberg
From Appleton, WI
Graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College
with degrees in Elementary Education and
Wide Range Art
Dog named Kenya and red foot tortoise named Adlynn About me... Just Keep Swimming School will be a journey for the children and they will need to learn key elements to help them through the journey, one of which is communication.
Many obstacles will come in the children's path but in the end, the children will have to "just keep swimming" with the help of the teacher and parents in order to reach the goal at the end. Parent Involvement (at school) Be classroom helpers
Tutor or read with individual children
Assist children with special needs
Chaperone class field trips
Assist coaches at sporting events
Speak to classes about your career or special expertise
Work as a library assistant; help with story time Parent Involvement (at home) Read to your child or have them read to you — reading aloud is the most important activity that parents can do to increase their child's chance of reading success
Discuss the books and stories that were read
Help your child organize his/her time
Talk to your child regularly about what's going on in school
Help with and check homework every night
Communicate with me Disciplinary Steps Events to get involved in.... Thank you for taking time out of your
busy schedule to come here tonight! You can reach me anytime at:
School: 555-656-4543 ext 343
Home: 555-434-5326
E-mail: Rachel.rosenberg@gmail.com Curriculum Specials Music- Monday and Wednesday
Spanish- Tuesday and Thursday
P. E. - Friday
Technology- Monday and Wednesday
Art- Fridays Behavior Chart
Student will have a chart in the classroom to show their behaviors and will take one home to show their parents Take Home Folder "Leave at home"
-corrected assignments
-important announcements

"Bring back to school"
-behavior chart
-permission slips
-book with signed sheet
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