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Day before the CAHSEE

What do you do the day before the CAHSEE?

Wesley Warner

on 11 March 2012

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Transcript of Day before the CAHSEE

Excerpts from CAHSEE Revolution workbook, page 6-7
Pictures from www.coolvibe.com
Video from www-youtube-com/watch?v=HmrOHWl4-FM Remember how the CAHSEE English-Language Arts test breaks down: To pass you need to get 66% Correct Out of every 3 questions, you need to get 2 right to pass. things: 1) Answer every
question 2) Eliminate wrong
answers 3) Try Even if you were sure about the right answer for only 1 out of every 3 questions, you 'd still be fine. Here's why: Welcome to CAHSEE Headquarters Soon you will be deployed against the CAHSEE. A few final words... 45 points for multiple choice Reading Passage Questions
15 points for multiple choice Sentence Questions 12 points for multiple choice Essay Revision Questions 18 points for Writing a Short Essay Total points on the ELA CAHSEE: 90 Points you need to pass: 59 You will pass this test. Eliminate
Choices Find Main Ideas Trust Your Ears Be
Clear Look for clues Take a tip from us...
You don't lose points for guessing on the CAHSEE. Even if you can't eliminate 3, you can get it down to 2. Each multiple-choice question has 4 answer choices. You just have to eliminate the wrong ones. 3. 1. 2. A.
D. 3. 1. 2. A.
D. A.
D. = 2 out of 3 PASS! 1 right Two 50-50 guesses A.
D. A.
D. A.
D. + = long as you do these As STOP AT NOTHING Splash Down:

What are your thoughts, feelings, and worries about the test tomorrow?

Splash your mind down on paper.
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